With a lot of impact stories, WAAW Foundation is pleased to have just concluded her FREE physical teacher training that took place from the 21st to 25th August 2023 in Asaba, Delta state. WAAW Foundation organizes an annual Teacher Training program for African STEM teachers equip them with the digital skills and practical knowledge needed to effectively teach STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects to their students using easily accessible and locally available resources.

In this blog, I’ll give out the highlights of the training activities.

Highlights of the Training

This year’s edition of WAAW Teacher training witnessed the participation of teachers from different states, training facilitators, a few WAAW fellows, and team members.  

Impactful Learning Sessions

Using a well organized timetable, the training facilitators planned and held daily classes for training.

At the training, teachers were exposed to innovative teaching methodologies and styles, modern educational technology, and updated curriculum materials that are locally adapted to suit context. What WAAW Foundation is doing to empower educators is critical, as passionate and well-prepared teachers are the driving force behind inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals in Africa.  Here’s a summary of all that the teachers learned.

  • Comprehensive integration of ICT tools into their teaching method
  • Introduction to web design; learning the fundamentals of HTML and CSS
  • Introduction to computer science & programming (SCRATCH, Arduino, Blockly, etc.)
  • Renewable energy (wind, solar )
  • Teaching Computer Science without computers (CS Unplugged)
  • Robotics
  • Web development, WordPress for web designing. 

Hands-On Learning: Practical Workshops

The program didn’t stop at theory. Practical workshops were a key component of the training. Educators had the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and dive into experiments and projects, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. 

This approach not only made the learning engaging but also equipped the teachers with practical tools and know-how in order to effectively implement what they’ve learned in their classrooms.

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Promoting Gender Balance and Inclusivity

One of the notable aspects of the just concluded training was its commitment to inclusivity. WAAW Foundation is majorly geared towards promoting and ensuring that more girls and women are interested in STEM fields and are driven by technology to change the world. 

By focusing on gender balance and especially promoting and including women teachers in STEM education, the foundation is not only enhancing the quality of education but also breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting diversity in STEM fields. This was seen evident in the training as both male and female teachers participated and we’re equally trained.

Networking Opportunities

While at the training, teachers utilized the opportunity to network with other trainees and exchange ideas that will continue to benefit them long after the training program has concluded.  This fostered a sense of community and collaboration among the educators. Moreover, the more experienced teachers served as mentors, offering guidance and inspiration to their peers.

Community Impact

The ripple effect of this training extends beyond the classroom. If African students especially girls receive quality STEM education, they would be better equipped to compete on a global scale and contribute to their communities’ development. As more students are inspired to pursue STEM-related careers, the potential for technological advancement and economic growth in Africa increases significantly.

At the end of the training, participants could boast of knowledge advancement (This is what the teachers had to say), educational technology tools, STEM  and ICT skills, teachers’ collaboration & engagement towards effective teaching, creativity, and self-development. Afterward, the STEM teachers were also encouraged to set up STEM clubs in their schools.


Teachers’ Testimonials from the Training

I’m a business technology teacher. I particularly took interest in the Robotics and Renewable energy section during the training. The training was a lovely one and it was really impactful‘ – Francis Chukwudi.

‘Before now, I didn’t know anything about coding, programming etc. In this training I’ve learnt simulation, basic website design, and how to code. I enjoyed this training‘ – Mrs Grace.


Join WAAW Foundation to Empower Educators across Africa 

The STEM teacher training program by the WAAW Foundation in Asaba represents a bold step toward improving STEM education in Nigeria. By empowering teachers, promoting inclusivity, and fostering community development, this initiative holds the promise of changing the lives of individuals and improving Africa.

As we move forward, it is essential to continue supporting organizations like WAAW Foundation in their mission to advance STEM education and empower individuals to excel in the fields that will define the future. Through collaborative efforts and a shared commitment to education, we can unlock the full potential of Africa’s youth and pave the way for innovation and progress on the continent. 

Do you share this mission with the WAAW Foundation? Sponsor a STEM teacher training today. 

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