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Welcome to the WAAW Foundation Scholarship Hall of Fame

The WAAW Foundation Alumni Scholarship Hall of Fame honors the most accomplished and inspiring alumni scholars of the WAAW Foundation. These alumni scholars have demonstrated excellence in their careers, made significant contributions to their fields, and served as role models for other female STEM students.

The WAAW Foundation Alumni Scholarship Hall of Fame is a celebration of the achievements of our alumni scholars and a source of inspiration for current and future WAAW Foundation scholars.

We invite you to explore the Hall of Fame and learn more about the amazing women who are leading the way in STEM.

Alumni Scholars Highlight

Our Impact

Vuvu Baveledi

Vuvu Baveledi is a 20-year-old student at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Life Sciences and a 2022 WAAW Foundation Scholar. She is passionate about STEM and is dedicated to helping other young women pursue their dreams in this field.

Vuvu’s interest in STEM began in high school, when she was inspired by the TED-Ed YouTube channel. She realized that science was the field for her and began to explore different areas of specialization.

Vuvu is a member of the WAAW Foundation STEM chapter, which she helped to start. The chapter is dedicated to motivating young women to follow their goals and dreams in STEM. Vuvu’s involvement in the chapter has helped her realize that there is more than one way to achieve her career goals. Her motto is “I am able to see what’s before me by standing on the shoulders of giants.” This quote reminds her that she is not alone in her journey and that there are many people who have supported her along the way.

Her advice to aspiring young women interested in pursuing STEM fields is to never give up. There will be times when they may doubt themselves, but they should remember that they are capable of great things. She also encourages them to seek out support from others, such as mentors and peers.

Vuvu is a role model for young women everywhere. She is passionate about STEM and is dedicated to helping others succeed in this field. She is an inspiration to us all.

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Austine Jessica

Austine Jessica, a 400-level Chemical Engineering student at the Federal University of Technology Owerri in Nigeria, is a passionate STEM advocate, the founder of the WAAW Foundation STEM chapter at her university and a 2022 WAAW Foundation Scholarship beneficiary. 

Motivated by her love for mathematics and her desire to solve real-world problems, Jessica embarked on a journey in STEM. She has cultivated a keen interest in web development and Green and Sustainable Energy, where she strives to create innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

One of the most inspiring moments in Jessica’s STEM journey was attending the 2022 WAAW Foundation Fellows Summit and STEM training. This experience exposed her to new horizons within STEM and ignited her passion for advocating for the advancement of STEM education for African girls.

Through the WAAW Foundation STEM chapter, Jessica has organized outreach initiatives, mentored young girls, and collaborated on impactful projects that directly contribute to bridging the gender gap in STEM. She is committed to lifelong learning and encourages other aspiring STEM professionals to do the same.

Jessica’s motto is “Learning is Lifelong.” She believes that continuous learning and adaptation are essential in the ever-evolving field of STEM. She advises young individuals interested in pursuing STEM fields to think of STEM as an adventure playground, where curiosity is the compass, persistence is the map, and innovation is the treasure.

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Nimatallah Muhammad Bashir

Nimatallah Muhammad Bashir, a 300-level biochemistry student at Usman Danfodio University Sokoto in Nigeria, is a passionate STEM advocate, an active member of the WAAW Foundation STEM chapter at her university, and a 2023 beneficiary of the WAAW Foundation scholarship.

Nimat’s motivation to pursue a STEM career stems from her curiosity and desire to solve real-life problems using scientific means. She believes that STEM fields offer the opportunity to make a significant impact on the world through innovative discoveries and technological advancements. Her involvement in the WAAW Foundation STEM chapter has been a significant milestone in her STEM journey. She played a key role in starting the chapter and has been actively involved in its outreach initiatives. Despite initial challenges in reaching a wider audience, Nimat’s perseverance and use of social media helped expand the chapter’s reach.

Her primary areas of interest within STEM are biochemistry and data science. She sees the potential of combining these fields to address pressing global issues, particularly in healthcare and environmental sustainability.

She identifies one of her significant achievements as being a 2023 beneficiary of the WAAW Foundation scholarship and being affiliated with a foundation that shares her passion for empowering young African girls in STEM.

Despite facing criticism and discouragement from those who believe STEM fields are not profitable, Nimat remains steadfast in her pursuit of her career goals. Her passion for STEM and her dedication to her studies keep her motivated.

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Stella Murugi

Stella Murugi Muthungu, a 2018 WAAW Scholarship awardee from Kenya, is a Water and Sanitation Officer at UNICEF in Kenya. She is currently studying remotely at the University of Loughborough, Leicestershire on the commonwealth scholarship for a masters degree in Water Management for Development.

Stella has overcome many challenges in her journey to success. She lost her father in high school and had to work part-time jobs to help her mother pay for her education. But with the help of the WAAW Foundation scholarship, she was able to complete her college education and graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil and Structural Engineering.

Stella is passionate about empowering women and girls in the water and sanitation sector. She is the Co-founder of a community based organization dedicated to empowering, educating and mentoring rural girls. She is also a part of the Rockblue organization, a global organization that supports developmental water sanitation and health.

Stella is a role model for other women and girls in STEM. She has shown that it is possible to break the bias and achieve success, even in the face of adversity.

Rabeccah Nanajala

Rabeccah Nanjala Kwoba, a 2015 WAAW Foundation scholar, is a civil and structural engineer with over two years of experience in transportation infrastructure. She currently works at Mott Macdonald, a leading global engineering, management, and development consultancy, in the UK.

Despite growing up in a struggling environment in Kenya, Rabeccah was determined to pursue a career in engineering. She worked part-time jobs during her undergraduate studies to help her parents pay for her education. The WAAW Foundation scholarship was a lifeline for Rabeccah, allowing her to focus on her studies and achieve her academic goals.

As a WAAW Foundation scholar, Rabeccah was passionate about giving back to her community. She conducted outreaches to secondary schools, impacting 300 students with STEM knowledge and inspiring them to pursue careers in science and engineering. She also represented the WAAW Foundation at the Women in Technology conference in Nairobi, Kenya, and was a member of the Big Brother Initiative, a social network aimed at preventing early marriages and providing education.

Rabeccah graduated from the University of Nairobi with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2019. She was nominated for the Commonwealth Scholarship by the WAAW Foundation through the HALI access network and pursued a master’s degree in Transport Infrastructure at the University of Leeds in the UK. She graduated with distinction in 2021.

Rabeccah is a shining example of what can be achieved when bright and talented young women are given the opportunity to succeed. She is a role model for other female STEM students and an inspiration to us all.

Lilian Kamara

Lilian Kamara is a 2014 WAAW Foundation scholar from Uganda. She is a computer science graduate and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in ICT policy, management, and architectural design. She currently works with AAR Healthcare and is the secretary-general for the Internet Society Uganda chapter.

Throughout her studies at Makerere University, Lilian was determined to overcome the gender imbalance in technology courses. She started by engaging in support organizations that empower young female scientists. After receiving the WAAW Foundation scholarship, she started a number of skills development activities in STEM education for young girls.

WAAW inspired Lilian to give back to her society and empower her community. She later became a member of the Internet Society, which exposed her to ICANN’s work and opportunities. Lilian has been selected as an ICANN fellow various times and was a Grace Hopper scholar in 2015.

Under the Internet Society Young Leaders Program, Lilian wrote a paper about empowering educators with digital safety skills in times of pandemic. This progressed into a proposal that was later funded as a project. She was also appointed as the Secretary-General of ISOC and organized the 2016 Tech Women Summit in Uganda. She is also the lead organizer for the 2023 Uganda Internet Governance Forum.

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