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Abuja, Nigeria

WAAW Foundation Global Youth Scholars Program (GYSP)

The WAAW Foundation Global Youth Scholars Program (GYSP) provides an authentic African experience and an academic enrichment program for outstanding high school and early college students from over 130 countries around the world including Africa. Each summer, students of 13 – 19 years arrive in Nigeria and Kenya to explore Africa and to participate in the 10-days Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership and STEM programs at the WAAW Foundation’s campuses. It is an invigorating, mind-blowing program that gives students to explore the Africa culture while developing innovative, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills.

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  • Must be at least 13 – 19 years old by the slated start date.
  • Should be fluent in English language (Writing, Speaking, and Reading).
  • Should be currently enrolled in high school or early college students.
  • All countries from around the world including all African countries are eligible to apply.
  • Available to travel by July 2021 

Note: The above eligibility criteria are in compliance with legal restrictions for running a summer program for minors, and no exceptions can be made.

Payment Information

Non- refundable registration fee: $30

Tuition fee: 

  • African Countries: $2,000
  • Non-African Countries: $2,500

Summer Presentation

Cohort 1 -Abuja, Nigeria

4th July – 14th July 2021

Cohort 2 -Nairobi, Kenya

25 July – 4th August 2021

Preparing students and workforce young leaders in Africa and globally with the ability to apply critical thinking, creativity, and innovation to create applications that can be commercialized to create jobs is indeed a great need for all countries globally. Our participants will explore how science has evolved in Africa and where it can be applied and explored in a wide variety of scientific fields such as physics, technology, space science, biochemistry, astronomy, engineering psychology, and earth science, etc. STEAM education is about learning by doing!

It will be an innovative way of making learning fun and engaging through hands-on-practicals experiments that connect to real-life situations through the application of science, technology, engineering, Art, and mathematics by our participants. Seminars will include diverse topics such as:

  • The impact of STEAM education in developing countries.
  • Programming and software solutions for the development of African countries
  • What areas do you think Africa needs to explore more in terms of Science and Technology etc?

Entrepreneurship has proven to be one of the key roles in the development of any country and Design Thinking is an innovation methodology that helps to focus on the needs to create better solutions, products, and services. The cycle of business start-ups and growth are linked to the socio-economic benefits of the global world at large. With a growing world population of over 7billion people both public and private enterprises have increased globally in the 21st century. Africa as well as Nigeria is not left out, there is a need to explore and learn more on how to get more youths involved in entrepreneurship. Seminars and Discussions will focus on the following areas:

  • Factors affecting entrepreneurship in Africa/Nigeria
  • How to locate good entrepreneurship opportunities in Africa?
  • Does gender have a role to play in being a successful entrepreneur in Africa? 

GYSP provides engaging sessions on leadership which will help to develop participants as ethical leaders who contribute value to a social venture, build lasting global networks and friendships. At GYSP, participants will gain tangible skills, take part in service-learning projects, strengthen self-awareness, and practice leadership and teamwork skills, preparing them to create positive change in Africa and around the world. Participants will explore critical analysis, problem-solving, and creativity skills as well as deliberate on innovative and sustainable solutions to a wide array of contemporary social, economic, and political problems.

Visa and ESTA Information

Participants traveling from outside Nigeria are responsible for securing the appropriate travel documents to travel for the duration of the program.