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Abuja, Nigeria

WAAW Mentorship Program

The Scholarship Mentorship Program was launched in 2020 out of the scholarship program to develop female college students in Africa. Each scholarship recipient is paired with a Professional Mentor in the same/ similar field who can help the college student achieve their academic pursuits and put them on a professional career path to reach their successive goals. Mentors build one-on-one interaction with Mentees. Mentors are volunteers who connect one-on-one with a scholarship recipient to help her grow and thrive academically and professionally. Mentors support scholarship recipients in their professional learning goals and can expose them to a unique network related to their career goals. The meetup holds in August and November every scholarship year for at least 60 minutes on a scheduled virtual meetup day. Mentors share feedback with WAAW Foundation after the meetups through a survey form. The mentorship application Announcement opens in March and closes in May every year.

Currently working with 25