Building African Female Leaders and Technology Innovators

We emphasize technology innovation and problem solving to impact local communities using hands on experiential STEM learning with peers and role models in a fun environment.

Girls Mentor Other Girls

An educated girl is a Force for Change.

Our feed forward model ensures girls give back by mentoring other girls.
We are building an increasing pipeline of African girls in Science and Technology.

WAAW Foundation – What We Do

We Build Female African Leaders and Change Agents Through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education & Entrepreneurship Training.

Developing Change Leaders

Investing in science and technology education of an African girl has a multiplier effect.

African girls who are educated in STEM will lead technology change in their communities.

Our Initiatives

STEM & Computer Science Camps
College-to-Secondary Mentoring
Academic Scholarships
Leadership & Entrepreneurship Training
STEM Teacher Support
Women’s Technology Hub


African Girls Can Innovate in Technology

WAAW is an international organization dedicated to Technology Innovation for African girls through STEM engagement.

Africans girls will solve the problems in their communities by employing technology with locally available resources.

Growing Female Technology Entrepreneurs

More than aid African girls need world class training in Science and Technology fields.

WAAW supports the entrepreneurial role of African girls through Technology Innovation.

Countries Where We Work

Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon
Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania
Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa

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By the numbers
18,000 Number of secondary girls impacted by college-to-secondary mentoring
21 College scholarships awarded
128 Number of girls who have participated in the STEM Camp

200 College fellows trained