Adopt a School Program

About Adopt-a-School Program

Adopt-a-School Program is a new WAAW Foundation initiative that will be launched in February 2021. The program is aimed at improving STEM  education across Nigeria. This program is intended for individuals, corporate, and community organizations interested in building relationships with schools that support student success for a minimum of one academic year.

The thrust involves equipping public schools with STEM labs, sponsoring our fellows with STEM kits, and equipping science teachers with appropriate tool kits;  the project also involves identifying, adopting, renovating, rehabilitating dilapidated public (science) schools nationwide, thereby creating model institutions of learning for children especially that the girl child.

There are many ways to support our Adopt a School Program, they include:

  • Sponsoring teachers in a public school to attend our training. STEM Training for Science Teachers, Digital literacy for teachers in a government/ public school.
  • The building, renovation, and general infrastructural repair of a public school.
  • Establishing a STEM lab in a public school.
  • Supply of furniture, books, and equipment.
  • Gift a school or our fellow with Arduino kits.
  • Provision of basic amenities such as electricity: Generator, solar panels, etc
  • Volunteering: Join our fellow’s program to reach out to more students in your community.
  • Making a donation of funds or equipment eg Laptops, Arduino kits, Maths kits, Lego, etc.
  • Sponsoring students to attend our code school or STEM Camp.
  • Allow the school to celebrate your support through their school newspapers.
  • Advertising support of the school and displaying an Adopt-a-School certificate, and/or banner..
  • Sponsor a field trip to a tech company.

Equip a School a STEM Kits and STEM Lab

Here are ways you can show your support:

  • All For 60 – Your gift of $60* will pay for the Arduino Basic Starter kit for a public school
  • All For 250 – Your tax-deductible gift of $250* will provide a laptop computer to a teacher passionate about educating kids with modern-day tools on education. 
  • All For 600 – Your tax-deductible gift of $500* will provide two laptop computers and a portable hotspot device for three months of Internet access for all students within an entire school.
  • All For 1000 – Your tax-deductible gift of $1,000* will provide a mini STEM Lap for a government school. 
  • All For 5000 – Your tax-deductible gift of $5,000* will provide for a fully equipped STEM lap for a public school with adequate maintenance structure and sustainability. 
  • It doesn’t matter the amount, we are “ALL for One”