the mentorship program is for 16-26 year old college students, designed to help them fulfill their potential and create the change we wish to see

"We believe in the power of mentoring because we’ve seen countless girls whose lives have been transformed through building long-lasting relationships with trusted WAAW mentors."
Unoma Okorafor
CEO & Founder


WAAW Foundation Mentorship Program is born out of the scholarship program to develop female college students in Africa. The purpose of this mentorship program is to guide, educate and motivate an African girl in her personal life, career, or both.
Each academic & scholarship year mentors and mentees will be paired. Over the course of sixteen weeks and with your support, the mentee will be equipped with tools, skills, knowledge, and understanding to be the change we wish to see.
Mentoring is a powerful tool to help keep our young ladies motivated, inspired, and excited to keep driving forward for change.


Through the program, you will
  • learn different unique strengths, values, and stories.
  • help make a difference through connecting to purpose and the change we want to create.
  • help young African girls develop skills such as leadership, planning, communications, networking, and many more.
  • have the opportunity to touch the heart of Africa by meeting young changemakers from around the world.
  • gain a better understanding of other cultures and develop a greater appreciation for diversity.
There are limited spots available, apply now!