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STEM Teacher Training

We train STEM Secondary Teachers across Africa. Register below for our next Workshop.

WAAW Foundation understands that training STEM Teachers is a critical component in ensuring that African girls are trained in STEM.8369_1095319603823039_857311089039961386_n

For STEM secondary educators in Africa, we offer our engaging, rigorous teacher professional development model which provides tools to empower teachers and their students and transform the classroom into a collaboration space where STEM content comes to life.

We emphasize hands-on learning away from the blackboard, and Africa-focused integrated curriculum that help teachers break down the rote memorization methodologies which are prevalent in the African educational system and which stifles creativity. We train teachers to develop cutting edge STEM curriculum for their classrooms using affordable locally available resources, train in digital literacy and employ technology and free online resources to enhance learning and engagement in their classrooms. We provide resources for continued learning for STEM teachers and facilitate communities and networks for peer support, mentoring and continued engagement. We also facilitate STEM competitions that motivate teachers to keep innovating in their classrooms.

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Application is opened for our 2017 STEM teachers training program. Follow us on our social media and sign-up on our mailing list to receive updates on our programs.

If you are a STEM teacher who is interested in our upcoming STEM teacher training workshop in August 2017, please fill in the form below.

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