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What our students were able to build after the coding bootcamp

Our students never fail to amaze us! After 4 weeks of intensive coding training, our alumni built amazing web apps from the scratch to address problems in their society and graduated as full-stack software developers. Check out the latest projects created by our students and get inspired to start creating your own!

Link to website github: https://justina010.github.io/Zenith-Hackers

Link to website github: https://buzor96.github.io/brilliant/

Link to website github: https://joobiedelu.github.io/vigilant

Link to website github: https://bit.ly/2IgAWk4 

Link to website github: https://bit.ly/fash9ja

Link to website github: https://catdinma6.github.io/myHomes/

Link to website github: https://oluwasindara.github.io/happy-home/

Link to website github: https://oluwasindara.github.io/happy-home/

Link to website github: https://kkosland90.github.io/kosland/index.html