What We Do

The Working to advance STEM Education for African women (WAAW) foundation’s She Hacks Africa Coding boot camp is a one month intensive in-person training workshop, where African youths learn software programming and then practice what they have learned in project-based exercises that aim to simulate the every-day work environment and build their self-confidence as community change makers and technology innovators and entrepreneurs. please click here contact us. Read more…

WAAW Foundation Scholars for YEAP

Youth Experience Africa Program – YEAP

The WAAW Foundation Youth Experience Africa Program (YEAP) provides an authentic African experience and an academic enrichment program for outstanding high school and early college students from over 130 countries around the world including Africa. Each summer, students of 15 – 20 years arrive in Kenya to explore Africa and to participate in the10 days Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and STE(A)M programs at the WAAW Foundation’s campuses in Nairobi Kenya. Read more

Academic Scholarships for African College Girls

Our $500 scholarship program initiated in 2008 is aimed at providing timely financial support to academically promising female African Students who are currently in STEM related undergraduate disciplines in an African College or University.  Awardees must demonstrate financial need and a strong commitment to participating in building Africa. The initiative also promotes peers networks that provide support and mentoring to ensure completion in their chosen STEM fields. Read more…

Teachers Training Program

For STEM secondary educators in Africa, we offer our engaging, rigorous teacher professional development model which provides tools to empower teachers and their students and transform the classroom into a collaboration space where STEM content comes to life.

We emphasize hands-on learning away from the blackboard, and Africa-focused integrated curriculum that help teachers break down the rote memorization methodologies which are prevalent in the African educational system and which stifles creativity. Learn more

STEM Cell College to Secondary Outreach Program

The overarching goal of this program is to bridge the secondary school to college continuum for STEM and Computer Science in Africa and to ultimately increase the pipeline of African youth entering STEM careers.

Fellows receive initial training and start up resources to self organized into a functioning cell that provides STEM outreach programs. The training for the Outreach fellows will provide them with the exposure and tools to become future teachers and role models. As content creators for their STEM subjects. the fellows will develop an appreciation for the challenges of Public education and an avocation in promoting STEM education. Read more…

STEM Fellows Training Program

The training of University outreach fellows will provide them with the exposure and tools to become future leaders and role models. As content creators for their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects, the fellows will develop an appreciation for the challenges of Public education and an vocation in promoting STEM education for African youth especially girls. STEM chapter fellows will benefit from communication and pedagogy skills while explaining where to buy quality modafinil their research for real life applications, resulting in advanced learning for both fellows and secondary school learning students.

Code School Bootcamp for Girls and Boys

Learn how to code at WAAW Foundation code-school bootcamp, designed for girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 17. Kids learn programming and computer science skills. Our curriculum is focused on using technology as a tool for “”changing the world”.

This code school program introduces kids to coding, computer programming, website development, 3D modelling and printing, Mobile App development, animation, games creation, Arduino, robotic renewable energy etc.

Summer STEM/Code Camp for Girls

The African Girls summer STEM camp and Code School is part of a major effort by WAAW Foundation to attract more African girls (ages 13-17yrs) from poor-economic background into STEM disciplines early in life when career decisions are made. Our first STEM Camp for African girls  was held in Lagos, Nigeria in 2013 in partnership with the Womens Technology Education Center, Lagos, Nigeria. Since then, we host annual STEM and Computer Science residential camps and day code school for secondary girls. Our programs are continually growing in impact with camps planned for Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.

We are currently seeking facilitators, trainers, volunteers and corporate sponsorship for this program. We also need donations of Robotics, Science Kits and STEM books. If interested please click here contact us. Read more…