Females in 17 African Countries

Who We Are

WAAW (Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women) Foundation is an international non-profit organization (501(c) EIN: 20-8576703) founded in 2007. Headquartered in Abuja Nigeria with offices in Lagos & Calabar Nigeria, Kigali Rwanda, Cape Town South Africa, and McKinney Texas.


  • The Power of Women
  • Education and Leadership
  • Impact and Giving Back
  • Education and Leadership
  • Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Localization, Gender, and Cultural Sensitivity

Our Mission

Expand African engagement in Technology Innovation by increasing the pipeline for African women through STEM training, leadership & entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

A world where every African girl is empowered with the opportunity to Innovate through Technology.

Our Core Values

Empowering African Women to become impactful leaders to benefit Africa through experiential STEM Education, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship Training.


WAAW Foundation was founded in 2007 by Dr. Unoma Okorafor while she was a PhD student, in response to a burning desire to see more women of African descent healthy, educated, and inspired to participate in home and community building. As a lonely African female voice in Technology, Unoma set out to create sustainable, long-lasting ways to support and educate African women in technology innovation. WAAW Foundation recognizes that Female Education and Science and Technology Innovation are the two most crucial components to poverty alleviation and rapid development in Africa. The plight of the African woman against prejudices and huge societal disadvantages in often male dominated communities is still vastly unexposed, and requires a strong and compassionate voice.

We believe that the woman is the pivot of the family and the family is the pivot of the community. Empowering an African woman is a gift that keeps on giving.

WAAW Foundation is incorporated under the laws of the state of Texas, U.S.A. The Articles of Incorporation were filed in the office of the Secretary of State as provided by the general Not For Profit Corporation Act of Texas. In December of 2007, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determined WAAW Foundation to be exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 500(a) of the internal revenue code as a non-profit organization as described in section 501(c)(3). WAAW is also registered as a Non Profit Organization with the Corporate Affairs commission in Nigeria.

Our Unique Strengths

  • The core team of women founders with – expertise, experience, and passion.
  • Our cause, our vision & values.
  • Trust based on financial transparency and prudence.
  • Proven programs that work – prototype you can replicate.
  • A sustainable model of local engagement with an extensive network of African women engaged in ongoing activities – (Not episodic events).
  • Community Impact

2025 Target

Increase the number of African women in STEM to by 10%, and build female technology innovators who create 10,000 jobs to impact their communities. 90% of participants enter and stay in STEM fields.