WAAW Foundation’s Effort To Upskill Teachers Across Africa

WAAW Foundation’s Effort To Upskill Teachers Across Africa

Do you want to learn the secrets to improving your teaching skills and double your income as a 21st-century teacher? Read further

At the peak of the pandemic in 2020, when the governments of countries in Africa declared lockdown; we saw how many teachers and institutions in across Africa struggled to integrate e-learning into their curriculum to ensure that their students do not lose ground on their peers in other countries of the world.

At that point, the WAAW Foundation team saw a problem that needed to be addressed fast because no one was sure how the pandemic will play out and when the world will revert back to normalcy. We had our first digital training for teachers to bring them up to date with the tools, resources and other knowledge that they need to successfully transfer their classes offline to the internet. This training was a success with 102 teachers in attendance.

Shortly after we concluded our training, the lockdown was lifted and the academic world was being eased back into its former routine. However, the team had earlier experienced the gulf between the education system in Africa and other countries in America, Europe and Asia. Therefore the Teachers Training Program took up the mandate to train as many teachers as possible across Africa on the use of modern tools and technology to teach their students.

We have had a series of teachers’ training since the program was formed and have succeeded in training over 500 teachers across 17 African countries since then and last year, WAAW Foundation in partnership with Chevening Alumni Association of Nigeria organized 2 Teachers Training in Ebonyi State and FCT, Abuja. The curriculum included but was not limited to:

  •         Classroom Management
  •         Robotics
  •         Use of STEM Kits
  •         Use of Free and Paid Online Resources
  •         Blended Learning
  •         And other important knowledge that they need to become a 21st-century educator.

We understand that to become a great teacher is a continuous process that requires a commitment to personal and career development; this is why we have also organized another Digital Teachers Training this month from 18th of March till 1st of April, a two weeks intensive training where teachers will be introduced to updated teaching skills that will aid their success in the classroom and open up possibilities of teachers earning additional income via remote projects and services.

Our teachers in Africa should be the best of us because they lay the foundation on which the future of Africa is being built. Therefore we believe that every teacher in Africa should attend WAAW Foundation’s Teachers Training at least twice within a 12 months period.  

What we want to see in our schools at all levels are teachers who are intelligent, sound, confident, resourceful and equipped with the 21st-century tools and knowledge to train and guide African students to become independent, worthy leaders in their own capacity in the near future. Join us to make this a reality. 

You can keep tabs on other upcoming Teachers Training in 2022 here and you can partner with us by sending a mail to info@waawfoundation.org.

Finally, the WAAW Foundation’s Teachers Training Team has set a target to train 1,000 teachers in 2022; we invite partners and donors to join us in the push to achieve this by sponsoring teachers for training or by making a general donation here.

Olubayo Tunmise
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