WAAW Foundation’s Covid-19 Response and Policies


Over the past two years, WAAW Foundation has focused on how to achieve consistency and improvement in operations and impact as part of its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was accomplished through detailed policies as stated below.

Virtual And Remote Operations

WAAW Foundation directed staff to work remotely in a bid to keep them and their families safe. Virtual workspace and other resources were deployed by the management team to ensure that the organization was able to meet its goals throughout the period of the lockdown.


After the lockdown was lifted, the organization encouraged staff members, volunteers and partners to maintain social distancing, proper hygiene, and wear a face mask in public space and when coming into the office.


The foundation strongly recommends that all staff and volunteers get themselves vaccinated against Covid-19. Information about the vaccine and places where they can be vaccinated is available to staff members.

Events and Programs

During WAAW Foundation in-person programs, staff members and volunteers are required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), during the events.

Medical Leave

WAAW Foundation is sensitive to the medical conditions of its staff, there is provision for staff members to take an off-day or work from home when they are sick. The organization assists staff to maintain good hygiene by providing hand sanitiser and other disinfectant products in its workspace.

HVAC System & Office Equipment

The organization regularly checks the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems in its workspace to ensure that they are working properly, the inlets and outlets are clear and sitting arrangements allow free movement of air.

Space Management

WAAW Foundation has modified its office space to reduce physical contact and provide needed distance between staff sitting positions.


At our programs, we take time to sensitize participants about the implications of not following necessary precautions and encourage them to take the Covid-19 vaccines.

Teachers Support

We support teachers through training and online resources to gain back the progress lost by students during lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During the lockdown, schools were shut to reduce the transmission of the virus. Upon resumption, the teachers and the students were under pressure to make up for the time that had been lost. The organization has continued to provide support through virtual and in-person training for teachers to achieve their set goals and objectives within a short period.

Our Commitment

WAAW Foundation is committed to the strengthening of African girls' involvement in STEM Education and increment of youth participation in technology through its programs, to reduce the economic burden caused by Covid-19 on the African community.