WAAW Foundation Scholarship – 2011 Analysis

WAAW Foundation Scholarship – 2011 Analysis

The WAAW scholarship program was three years old in 2011. It is aimed at providing financial support to academically promising female African students who are currently in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related undergraduate disciplines in an Africa university. Criteria for eligibility includes: (a) Female students of African origin, living and studying in Africa.(b) Currently enrolled in undergraduate degree program (c) Studying in a university or college in Africa. (d) Demonstrable financial need, and (e) Excellent Academic Record. To learn more about the WAAW Foundation Scholarship program, click here.

We received over 200 applications in 2011 with majority of the African countries represented- 65% from East Africa, 24% from West Africa, 11% from South Africa. Interestingly, majority of applications were from Kenya (40%) and then Uganda (21%) and in 2012 our objective will be to ensure that our campaign targets none represented countries by creating more awareness. To date 7 candidates have been shortlisted for the awards and by May 1st, the 2011 WAAW Scholars will be announced.

Top Countries

Country No of Applications Percentage
Kenya 89 40.27%
Uganda 39 17.65%
Nigeria 23 10.41%
South Africa 10 4.52%
Cameroon 7 3.17%
Tanzania 5 2.26%
Ghana 4 1.81%
Senegal 4 1.81%
Satelite Provider 3 1.36%


Top Cities

Country No of Applications Percentage
Nairobi-Kenya 19 8.60%
Kampala-Uganda 13 5.88%
Doula-Cameroon 5 2.26%
Port Harcourt-Nigeria 3 1.36%
Dar Es Salem-Tanzania 3 1.36%
Dakar-Senegal 3 1.36%
Pretoria-South Africa 2 .90%
Durban-South Africa 2 .90%
Georgetown-South Africa 1 .45%
Abuja-Nigeria 1 .45%


“As a volunteer, I think this is one of the most ingenious ways of progressively transporting Africa as a continent from being a 3rd world nation to a 1st world status, with significant human and sociological improvements. Women are the mothers and inferably the hearts of any nation and creating an opportunity to expose and empower them is one of the easiest ways to bring about socio-economic change. And I believe this program is one that Africa needs like yesterday.” – Amara Okeke Okafor.


Meet the Director, WAAW Foundation Scholarship Initative:

Amara Okeke Okafor - WAAW Foundation Scholarship Initiative Director

Amara Okeke Okafor graduated from Federal University of Technology in 2001, with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. In 2005 obtained a Masters degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University. Since graduation she has worked in the Oil & Gas industry as a Reservoir Engineer for Schlumberger and currently Marathon Oil Corporation, Houston, Texas. She has been with WAAW Foundation since inception.

Ebele Agu

Ebele is a certified Special Education Teacher in Texas and has recently finished a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Texas in Arlington. She has taught a diverse group of students in several Texas charter schools where she has mentored children from low socio-economic background. She has worked as a Management Consultant/Trainer; with training specialization in Leadership/Management and Interpersonal Skills, focusing on the Behavioral and Psychometric aspects of learning interventions. She is a PRINCE 2 Project Management Foundation expert and a Thomas International System Certified User. She is a volunteer Executive Director for WAAW Foundation.

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