WAAW Fellows Mentorship Meet-up with Mrs. Ebele Agu

WAAW Fellows Mentorship Meet-up with Mrs. Ebele Agu

On the 17th of August, the Vice president of WAAW Foundation, Mrs. Ebele Agu had a Mentorship Meet-up with the WAAW fellows which was themed “Knowing your why”. She spoke about why she is a part of WAAW Foundation and why she’s so invested in WAAW Fellowship program. She joined WAAW foundation because of its vision, goal, and extent at which the president wanted WAAW Foundation to go. In addition, she said she believes in the youths, in Africa and also she believes in the power of a Woman. She reminded the Fellows about WAAW foundations vision and goal and she strongly believes that 100% of WAAW beneficiaries will become impactful leaders, change agents and technology innovators, and an African girl will create or lead a global technology company.

In her words “my why is you , what I do for WAAW Foundation is because of you, for every girl or person that succeeds because of WAAW Foundation is ‘my why’. We have seen so many success stories, we have seen our alumni flourishing, that is my Why”

Mrs. Lucy, WAAW foundation programs manager also got to share her “Why” experience with the fellows. According to her, she said she realized that she has a passion for mentoring young girls and during her stay in the university she was able to reach out to over 300 girls. She also went on to say that her “Why” grows everyday and she envisages herself impacting more girls in African. In her words, she said “ We want more girls to be in STEM education, we want more girls to be self-confident that’s why we are here for you”

WAAW Fellows also shared their  “Why” experience and they were appreciative of the opportunity they got from WAAW foundation. Below are the testimonials of a few WAAW fellows.

Grace Oteh, University of Nigeria Chapter.

Thank you for this opportunity to share, I have always looked for opportunities to be part of the community do something, to be relevant. WAAW foundation helped me channel my passion aright, I am excited at every opportunity I have to speak to school girls about STEM education.

Beth James University of East Africa, Uganda

For me, at a recipient’s point of view, Its a privilege to serve, teach and mentor girls in stem programs previously at school, then now in South Sudan with different secondary school because about 70% of the school dropouts are girls so there is the need for mentorship and outreach.

Most ladies are not valued in my country they think we were just born as a source of dowry, cows, etc and self-esteem is low, identity is such a problem. So I am even argued more to mentor girls, looking for different potential donors to WAAW to support about 20 girls by 2020 because my heart aches and groans if I see helpless intelligent and abled girls miss out on what I was offered.

Patience Ngozichukwu, University of Nigeria Chapter.

I get to know about WAAW foundation last year, I am already in my penultimate year.

I like to impact other people. I am studying Mathematics and always have this urge to make people see how easy Mathematics is. in other words, I love teaching Mathematics.  I want to help in any possible way to remove the phobia students have for Mathematics and in general STEM-related courses.  WAAW foundation provided the opportunity for me.

Maryfaith mgbede Ugochi I was part of the University of Benin chapter.

Why I join WAAW was to give back to my community the little way I could and also to help me grow. I am so happy for being a  part of this great family. WAAW was the first set of people that introduced me to computer programming at the She Hacks Africa which took place in Abuja, Nigeria. That was a memory I would never forget, it was a starting point for me in becoming a software developer today.

Kerlyn Nkep, University of Buea Chapter

Contributing, teaching and mentoring young girls in stem programs serve as a means to give back to my community. I remember when I was in my first year at the university, I had no idea about computer engineering, all I knew was that I wanted to be a computer engineer with good technical skills. Seniors in my faculty made that possible by guiding me and helping me towards achieving this. So I decided to join the Waaw community to mentor and guide the younger once towards achieving their dreams and gaining skills at their young age. Recently there has been some crisis in the country which has prevented education in some regions. This has had a negative impact on our outreach. But nevertheless, there is a program called ICT4kids organized by NGT in Buea and those of us who were in Buea at that time joined in mentoring the kids these holidays and teaching them how to code and giving them some career talk. We are praying for stability in the country this coming academic year so we can continue our outreach.

Emmanuel Itoya, University of Benin, Nigeria

WAAW Foundation has given us this power to change the future of Africa.

My “why”  is To change the Status Quo, train Young African Women that will elevate Africa to the top,  create positive change, to mentor,  teach and positively impact the leaders of tomorrow. I am proud o be a part of WAAW family, Sharing the same vision

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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