WAAW campers’ Experience & Story


Attending WAAW STEM Camp allowed Joy to learn Programming skills and the robotics field, and connect with like-minded girls and engineering mentors. “My very first Robotics and programming class was at the WAAW STEM camp. During the camp week, we learnt programming with Java, ionic mobile app, built and programmed little LEGO Robots. Personally at first this was a task for me, and during these activities I learnt perseverance, because I had to keep doing it again and again until I achieved a result. It’s a really cool feeling knowing that when you program a robot to move, you know that you did that—that you made that robot come to life. After the camp, I actively participated in an App – programming competition known as the Technovation Challenge, which was another scheme put up by iridescence to encourage girls to make career choices in STEM education. This competition allowed for girls from different countries around the world to program applications that fixed the immediate problems in their various communities. I was selected as the team lead in a group of 5 girls and we programmed the “Traffic-App”, which was an app that solved traffic problems and apprehended traffic offenders by sending the details of the vehicle used to a central database that allowed for the arrest of the offender no matter where he/she is found even days after the crime. My experience from the WAAW STEM camp helped me in successfully leading my group to the World pitch which was at Twitter Head Quarters, Silicon Valley as the only African country present.
Apart from that WAAW foundation motivated me to create a club in my school, known as the Young inventors club which has a good amount of girls in it. As the president of the club, I impacted some of the knowledge and skills from the camp by training the members of my club; we successfully built a small scale Air conditioning unit from a cooler filled with ice, a fan and lots of wires. I am grateful for what WAAW has taught me.” Read Story about Technovation challenge http://mywitin.blogspot.com/2013/09/first-lady-celebrates-2013-winners-of.html


The Introduction to Energy Hands-on classes that Mary took at 2014 STEM camp equipped her with a great deal of first-hand knowledge of Energy. Soon after the camp, Mary was able to put that knowledge to work when she got back to school. “After the camp, I felt very comfortable and confident working in a Physics/Science lab in school. I found that I was already knowledgeable about many of the tasks; I understand Science better and WHY we did things, So, I was not just following a procedure.” Mary is now about to begin studies to become an Electrical and Electronic Engineer. “I feel I have an advantage, because I have had early hands-on experience, so I know what I am in for in college.”


One of the many benefits of our STEM camp program is that they give African girls a chance to explore possible STEM careers. For Adesola, that exposure led the way to further studies in the field of Engineering. “At WAAW Foundation STEM Camp, I found a balance between playing and studying. We were taught how to build generators, how to make a turbine, how to program a robot, how to make an automata, generate electricity from solar energy, to mention but few. All of these we did with the local materials available around us. We had all practical classes and then we were given a project to do on our own. My group won the award for the best project. The true way of learning science was exhibited at WAAW STEM Camp. It was at WAAW Foundation STEM camp I discovered who I really am on the inside. I discovered I could study engineering even as a girl and gender isn’t a barrier to being who you want to be. I was aware of some of the challenges I’d face as a female studying engineering from the interactive session with Dr (Mrs) Maduabuchi . At WAAW Foundation STEM Camp, I learnt never to give up on my dreams from the book we read in the camp- “The boy who harnessed the wind” by Williams Kamkwamba. I am presently in 100 level studying Materials and Metallurgical Engineering in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. The hands-on experience and knowledge gained from WAAW Foundation STEM camp program helped ease me into the real world of college courses. Although we could only touch on each element of STEM tools for a few days, the fact that I had been introduced to a variety of skills before college was very helpful to me at the start of my freshman year. I’m the present assistant course representative of my department and the knowledge of working as a team gained from WAAW Foundation STEM Camp has helped me in bringing students in my department to cooperate and work together. This team spirit has also helped me in doing my practical classes as we are always grouped and teamed for practicals in my school just as how we did at the camp. The knowledge gained from WAAW Foundation has also helped me in tackling questions no matter how hard the question looked. I have learnt to do it step by step to get a result whether right or wrong. If wrong, WAAW foundation has taught me that it doesn’t mean I’ve failed but it means I have learnt a way not to do it again. The impact of WAAW foundation cannot be over emphasized in my career. My success story continues because there is no limit to what one can achieve as long as we believe and pray. “


2014 summer I had the privilege of voluntarily teaching a 2-day game design course to a room full of approximately 32 Secondary school students after a 3-day college fellows and STEM teachers training camp. Not knowing how in the world I could possibly teach anything worthwhile in 2 half-day sessions, I turned to an online forum where several people recommended the Scratch programming environment. Not only was Scratch easy for me as an instructor to pick up and learn, but the wealth of resources on the education site made it easy to find material to present to the class. What I really wanted to avoid was spending 2 hours hunting down
a missing semicolon (which is likely what would have happened if I went with a more “traditional” programming language). As a relatively new educator, it was a very gratifying experience to get young people excited about Computer Science through game design. I even had students come to me saying that they didn’t want to go to their next sessions so they could stay and work on their Scratch projects. I’m very proud of my group of budding computer scientists and look forward to investigating new ways of using Scratch inside and outside the classroom! This experience has helped me developed an avocation for contributing to secondary education by facilitating outreach programs aimed at STEM tutoring and mentoring secondary school students in Portharcourt. Currently, I have recruited and trained 7 students from my university and twice every month we go out to public schools in our community to teach computer programming and STEM related hands-on courses. So far, we have impacted over 200 secondary school students.
Chinenye Ezeakor, 2012 WAAW Scholarship Recipient/UNIPORT STEM outreach leader/ 5th year Computer science students, UNIPORT Camp counselor/Design Program Instructor

93963e31568413c6bc30b32fed1c8986OBIDIASO CHIBUGO

My name is Obidiaso Chibugo Gabriella from Federal Government College Ijanikin Lagos. I attended the program called WAAW and STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)Camp on the 2nd of August,2015.

The main aim of  WAAW foundation is working to advance STEM education for African girls.

During my stay at the camp I learnt  many fascinating things and they buy modafinil in south africa are: making a Wind Mill or Wind turbine,Generator, Creating an application, making kaleidoscope and I also went to different places like the Chevron company:I saw different engineers who were female and they impacted knowledge unto me,Coca Cola company:we were taught how the manufacturing of their products were made ,we also learnt where the waste products were disposed,Forest reserve at Lekki:we explored round the place and they also showed us different vegetation with their names and different species of fish.

My benefits of attending WAAW Camp is that I learnt how to treasure my trash because our trash is our treasure,you can create something from nothing in other word the wind mill I made was from a trash and to my surprise it really performed it’s function……I felt empowered……it also help me to choose my future ambition……I learnt that failure is not a defeat but rather a step towards success in other word it means that even you fail you don’t stop there ,you continue till u achieve success…

I am so glad that I was part of the program because they inspired me and also made me to know my aspiration in life and in my own possible way I am also inspiring other girls who are in the field of science and technology.

97eaa082736e86a7127670b9cdc061baMUSTAPHA AMINA

While in camp, we had a lot of hand on practical works after theoretical classes. We also had,  discussions on issues affecting women. Going for the camp,  opened my mind and i was more interested to learn deeply about  science. I learnt a lot about engineering and i could see  it was quite interesting. I Learnt how the scientists work or the processes they follow before the invention of any machine through series of processes which involve thinking, observing and improving on what they had already done or created. This I knew through the practicals we did in creating a generator, motor, windmill and some other things. Furthermore, I learnt that truly  our gabbages are our treasures because we used some of the things I never taught of being useful  in making some of the things we made. We also had discussion classes where a lot of issues affecting women were discussed. I made new friends as girls from other schools were also invited.

Lastly, we were motivated, encouraged and inspired that whatever you want to be, nobody or nothing  can stop you from being that by just thinking and knowing the power of I CAN in what you do. Working to Advance stem education for African Women (WAAW). I believe  they are for sure achieving  their mission.

9eb35ff7282ab31215ce95a581832a56ADEYEMO ADERIKE

My name is Adeyemo Aderike of Federal Government College Ijanikin Lagos. I attended WAAW foundation STEM camp at Greenspring international school at Anthony. It is a science program for only girls in STEM fields. We were thought on how to make kaleidoscope. I also learnt on how to program robot using “maze” which is a computer program and how to create my own mobile application by Mr Walter Anyika from Kenya. We were also thought on how to generate electricity using locally available materials(thrash) because they say thrash is our treasure. I also learnt on arduino which is also a computer program, it principle is applied in traffic light and in schools for projects. We also had career talk from etisalat and we were thought on climate change. We had a lot to learn and eat. We were also taken on excursion to chevron company, coca-cola company, IBM and conservation center. Thank you

JAMGBADI OMOTAYO I school at Federal Government Girls college Bwari, Abuja. WAAW stem camp is a wonderful place to be and to go to because it is fun, and I was learnt things I did not know about, I was fed well and I also slept in a comfortable place. I wish that I can stay in WAAW camp for a long time because what I was taught was interesting and fun and I learnt a lot. All the same WAAW camp is a very good place for student to learn about things like Scratch, Arduino, web design e.t.c. THANK YOU. JAMGBADI OMOTAYO

I school at Federal Government Girls college Bwari, Abuja. WAAW stem camp is a wonderful place to be and to go to because it is fun, and I was learnt things I did not know about, I was fed well and I also slept in a comfortable place. I wish that I can stay in WAAW camp for a long time because what I was taught was interesting and fun and I learnt a lot. All the same WAAW camp is a very good place for student to learn about things like Scratch, Arduino, web design e.t.c. THANK YOU.


I was among the WAAW STEM campers for the year 2016.I school at Suleja academy Niger State. My experience was fun, each day always started with aerobics by 6:00am after which we are allowed to bath, brush and do all the necessary clean up before breakfast which starts by 7:30am. Lectures commence around 8:00am during which we interchanged lessons between the two groups of the campers for two hours each before lunch which is by 12noon. Afternoon classes start immediately after lunch which we have dinner by 6pm and perhaps watch a movie by 10pm. The most fascinating thing about the camp is the time management (superb, no use of African time), the time allocated for an event is the exact time that event will commence.

However, preparing our project for the last day was quite tasking, because we had to exhibit to our parents and another guest who were invited. Conclusively, spending a week in the camp was awesome mostly because of the teachings, and the fun activities and the excursions.


I school at Federal Government Girls College Bwari, Abuja. When I first heard of WAAW stem camp I taught it was for only science student but by the time we started our classes, I understood better. We had career talks in which people that have succeeded in their various career’s came to talk to us about our future careers. The camp also showed us that science also has its own games and we also went on an excursion in various science and technology companies and they showed us how they operate. All the experiences that I had at WAAW camp were educating and fun and it is an experience that would linger in my mind for a longtime.


I was opportune to attend the 4th stem camp hosted by WAAW foundation. I school at Federal Government Girls College Bwari, Abuja. My experience at the camp was so great. The camp lasted for a week, it was quite a short period of time but, it was awesome and surprising attained and gained every knowledge which we did within the time. Normally, I don’t think a week is enough for someone to learn everything which we did learn but the organizers and facilitators made us achieve that great goal.

The organizers and facilitators wisely and tactfully combined academic work with fun time activities and it was so balanced. Though, we had a tight schedule, we neither missed any activity on our time table nor leave it undone. The facilitators and organizers always made sure that every camper actively participated in social and academic activity which created a platform for making new friends.

So many seminars in which women inspirational speakers were invited to give us enforcing talks on our choice of career and future ambition, were organized. Seeing and listening to various career women of honor was encouraging and enforcing to us, in the sense that it gave us the zeal to make a right choice of career and pursue it wholeheartedly. It also gave us reasons to know why we have to get involved in STEM education. It was really awesome and fantastic attending WAAW STEM camp.


WAAW stem camp was nothing of what I expected it to be. It was expected to be all work and mostly theory classes. STEM camp boosted my confidence. Before I entered the camp, I didn’t have a certain career choice but I have settled on Engineering. WAAW STEM camp was fun, entertaining, informative and educative.

It didn’t encourage laziness but hard work though not to the point of stress. WAAW Stem camp has been one of my best experiences and this has been my best summer camp ever.