WAAW at the Youth Day Hackathon, Cameroon

WAAW at the Youth Day Hackathon, Cameroon

WAAW foundation took first place at the Youth day Hackathon competition.

We are excited to announce that 10 of the Secondary school Students that benefit from our STEM outreach and mentoring program in Cameroon were selected to attend the Youth day Hackathon at the ICT University in Yaounde and their project took first place in the competition. The secondary school students presented a project using SCRATH programming to build educative games that could solve problems in their community such as the waste disposal management.
















WAAW foundation is dedicated to engaging female college students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines, who have the passion to give back to their community by sharing their experience and providing where to purchase provigil online training for secondary girls in their local communities.

We believe that Mentoring is a very powerful tool in retaining African female in STEM and by exposing young girls to successful role models, we can help counter negative stereotypes because when girls see that people like them who are succeeding and excelling in typical male dominated fields, they become inspired to choose careers in these fields.

Launched in 2013, the overall goal of our Outreach and Mentoring program is to bridge the secondary school-to-college continuum for Science and Technology in Africa and ultimately increase the pipeline of African girls entering STEM careers.

Learn more about our STEM outreach and Mentoring program, click here

Tolulope Owajoba
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