Transforming STEM Education through Teacher Training

Transforming STEM Education through Teacher Training

No one would have thought that STEM vocations could render many professions trivial. Twenty years ago, no one predicted that the demand for online community managers, search engine optimization specialists, and sustainability managers would ever come to be. Imagine how important paper mails were back in the 70s and 80s, many made a living by being experts in mail sorting, delivery and many other functions attached to paper mail and even stamps. This has changed today, emails are everywhere, people connect in just few minutes and correspondence becomes easier, cheaper and faster. This made the paper mail companies close down and the sector has given way to the technology driven emails.

If we have learned anything from this recent trend, it is that school systems and educators should embrace STEM education and equip their students with as much STEM skills as possible so as not to render formal education obsolete or future graduates unemployable. STEM education and careers are changing so rapidly that other discipline now requires at least a basic STEM knowledge to function or they will become invalid very quickly.

With this recent trend, the education sector is most likely to experience a high demand for educators with quality knowledge and experience in STEM and STEM skills. STEM education is the foundation for the new age professions and for this reason, hands-on STEM activities is projected to increase significantly within classrooms. Since we cannot educate tomorrow’s workers for specific occupations today, we can at least equip them with skills that will help them perform relevant tasks in the future. For this reason, WAAW Foundation is eager to educate the educators to be more innovative and creative with teaching methodology and contents in the classrooms.

Technology has moved the teaching profession forward and every stakeholder in the sector should key into the technology drive to avoid being redundant or phased out of the industry just as it happened to the paper mail experts. Teaching, which has been majorly visual with learning materials for writing and drawing has now been augmented with the progression of technology. Virtual classes are now generally accepted as a more effective platform for learning everything from animations to designs and construction without visiting the four walls of a classroom.

Technology is the new toy for the twenty first century kids and the simplest of activities are now enhanced with the use of adequate and up to date technology. The century revolution has made teaching without technology obsolete that no student in this age desires a teacher who does not have a STEM training and ability to challenge his/her knowledge in that area.  WAAW STEM Teacher Training makes it easier for in-service teachers to communicate effectively with their students in the language they understand given the students acquaintance with available technology.

A student who wants to be relevant in the industry of the nearest future must be familiar with the new techniques and methods of doing things in the industry, as dictated by the trend of technology. WAAW foundation understands the need to equip the coming generation with the relevant knowledge in STEM so they can stay relevant in the future industry and as such organises hands-on training for the young minds to use STEM in their own way to make a difference. Much more importantly is the of WAAW foundation teacher-training program. WAAW by itself may not be able to reach all students but definitely, teachers have better coverage of students.

This is the basis for the STEM teacher training; encouraging teachers on innovation and giving them the opportunity to learn how to deploy STEM hand-on activities in the classroom. In the nearest future, students and teachers who do not follow the technology trend are most likely to find themselves out of relevance, out of the industry as the train of Technology moves on without them. Join WAAW foundation today, as it spread the STEM pedagogy across classrooms in Africa. Together we can make the future count!

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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