The Best Coding Schools and Bootcamps for Secondary Schools in Africa

The Best Coding Schools and Bootcamps for Secondary Schools in Africa

For young women in Africa, it can be hard to have enough work skills by the time they’re ready to graduate and apply for a job. Luckily, coding schools and camps are starting to open up for young women to help them with this problem. Codingis such a vital skill with technology today, so any knowledge a girl has in the computer industry gives her a better chance of landing a well paying job. Here are several organizations that are helping these young women learn valuable skills.

Africa Code Week

Africa Code Week is a huge event that occurs all over Africa to empower young women in the field of coding. Workshops are taught everywhere, from schools, community centers, online, and even in a bus! The goal is to educate as many young women as possible in the computer field and get them excited to have a future career in it. Last year, over 89,000 young people learned basic code for the first time. With an impact like that, it won’t be long before we start seeing these educated women start securing good jobs to help them have a great future for themselves and their famililes.


Located in Cape Town, this organization runs programs that are a year and a half long for high school age girls. They’re taught how to design and code. They also learn how to find a specific area of the tech industry that they prefer, such as backend web development, game development, data analysis, front end web design, and visualization.

The girls also learn vital skills buy cheap provigil such as applying critical thinking to tough problems, collaborating, and communicating efficiently. Real-life problems are set up throughout the program for them to work together and figure out. These relevant skills allow the young women to be ready for the job field when they graduate.


The AWELE Academy puts on 3-day workshops in Nigeria to help young women learn code. Girls are between the ages of 11-17, and learn techniques such as website construction, programming language using Java, and basic techniques needed for design, among other skills. Their aim is to get girls in secondary school interested in the world of code and inspire them to continue learning on their own. It’s an interactive and fun way to educate girls on a topic they wouldn’t have the chance to learn otherwise.

WAAW Foundation

The WAAW Foundation has had great success with educating young women year after year in the computer field. The mission is to increase the pipeline of African women entering into science and technology fields, and ensure they are engaged in technology innovation and entrepreneurship to benefit Africa. The goal is to empower African women to become impactful leaders, change agents, and technology innovators through STEM engagement (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

We hope to increase the number of African women in STEM from by 10% in the next year, and build female technology innovators who create 10,000 jobs to impact their communities. An astounding 90% of participants enter and stay in STEM fields after participating in the camps. If you’re interested in learning more about the camps, click here!

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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