The 3rd Red emerald by Seun Obe- She Hacks Africa Cohort 7

The 3rd Red emerald by Seun Obe- She Hacks Africa Cohort 7

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The third week of the She Hacks Africa Boot-Camp started well with the eagerness of what the lovely week has in store for us.Stared with introduction to PHP by funke, which deal with backends using wamp,which was quite similar to javascript. It was not that hard like i thought tho.

On Tuesday the 17th of September, we continued with PHP and ended the day well. It got quite confusing at a point ,but we had to find a way around it.

The Wednesday session began with MySQL with using wamp with has to do with database,the localhost. It was going on smoothly and so well then gbam! i had error and you know what,it gave me a sleepless night,having to look for what the problem was and how i can fix it. But i couldn’t get my way and had to wait till the next morning.But to my amazement it was a very silly mistake i made.When sidney told me my mistake,oh no,i wanted to cry. Then we continued with the lesson for the day.

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On Thursday, we started with a game called “chain words” and yaay!!!,someone from my group won it and we continued with MySQL after we had a lecture about pitching by Tolu and also watched a video on how  some past student did their pitching. Shortly after we had a guest from the last cohort that his group won the presentation,and he told us about his experience during and after She Hacks,And how to make use to the experience we have here seriously. And back to our MySQL lesson for the day.

And here comes Friday the 21st,our presentation day,we did not do much,just concentrating on our upcoming presentation. We had enough time to prepare and get our information and website together. Then we had another guest from cohort 5″SETH OBAFEMI” who came to talk to us about business pitch deck. He really took us round the whole,presentation talk, starting from what should be on our first slide  to how to calculate our financial projection(the part i found interesting the most). Then the presentation started shortly after and Noo!!! my group came 5th what!! we did not see that coming,but put us on our toes to worked harder for the next and final presentation.

Wheew… thank you so much She Hacks, we have gained great and basic knowledge about coding and especially our facilitators(Tolu,Funke,Sidney) you guys have been to wonderful and nice. *walking into the final week*

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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