Team-Alpha shared experience at She Hacks Africa #cohort 7 Week 1

Team-Alpha shared experience at She Hacks Africa #cohort 7 Week 1

This article is a summary of what group ALPHA which is also the first group in the (s)he hacks Africa cohort 7 which consist of Boluwatife, Grace, Gabriel, Joshua, David and Mary did during the week one.

On the first day of our boot-camp, we had our registrations, icebreaker routine of exercises, and then an introductory learning of social entrepreneurship which was taking by Mrs. Tolu; afterwards we had a start-up class of how the internet works which was taking by Mrs. Funke and introduction to HTML by Miss Sidney.

Basically, the first week was full of activities, a lot of prospecting software developers turned up at the boot-camp. The instructors introduced themselves and got us to introduce ourselves as well in a very interesting way. We were introduced to the internet, as well as the world-wide web (www), domain name server (DNS), IP address, and the concepts of the server, database, machine language, internet service providers. However, each group was given a task to demonstrate how the internet worked in a speechless form before the lesson was given thereafter.

We were taught the introductory part of building a website and the first language taught was HTML which was facilitated by Miss Sidney. This was where we were taught the text part of the website using some tags, attribute, names, values. We were also taught how a table and a form can be created using HTML then after the whole lecture, we were giving a task to do which really helped us to understand the HTML better.

Mrs. Tolu took us on Customer discovery and design thinking and how important it must be before trying to build a solution. Part of what she talked about was the framework in design thinking and prototyping which are:

  1. Discover(Empathize)
  • Observe
  • Listen
  • Immerse
  1. Define
  • Understand
  • Interest
  • Focus
  1. Ideation
  • Generate
  • Imagine
  • Filter
  • Choose
  1. Prototype
  • Build
  • Feedback
  • Refine
  1. Test
  • Back to users
  • Evaluation
  • Improve

Furthermore, each group was asked to pick a project to work on through diverse deliberations as the class progresses. And our group decided to work on neighborhood news (grass-root new), that is, things happening next door within a given location and on Wednesday, we did a short presentation on it using paper prototype to build our demo website.

Then we moved to CSS which was facilitated by Mrs. Funke. She taught us how to beautify our HTML using some selectors with its properties and values. We were taught the three ways to insert our CSS which are the Inline, Internal and External CSS. Some of the properties we treated are colors, background, borders, margin, padding, height and width, text, fonts, links, list, tables, icon and how to design forms. We were given a website to build using HTML and CSS as our class work. The website was really tasking for us in the group especially the CSS part but at the end of the day we were able to build it like the facilitators own.


Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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