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“I feel that this camp has completely changed who I am. It has given me more confidence and a new look at the technology world. It is an eye opener for me and it got me quite excited about my career in Engineering. I will definitely recommend this camp to others because you get to meet so many new girls your own age and plus, you have so much fun learning new things that by the end of the day you are disappointed that it is over.” – Uwana Effiong, Lagos camper

Poetry by Dorcas Muthoni

Africa flies on the wings
Of the unity of its people
Our common ancestry and history
Our shared dreams and hopes
Are they mighty wind pushing Africa`s sails
Africa must continue to open doors of dialogue
To join hands across our lands
Because no one can dream of Africa
Like an African can

We incubate within our
Experienced sharpen mind
The aspiration of our nations
We are consumed
By an empowering ambition
To explore, exploit and expand
Fresh and refreshing
Opportunities for Africa’s people

No one can be on Africa’s side
No one can be filled with pride
That deep inside resides
In seeing Africa make giants strides
Like an African can

Like an African leader can
And when it comes to science and technology
And innovation
For Africas’ industrialization
No one can plan for Africa
The way an African can

For you know Africa
You know Africans
If to acquire science, technology and innovation
As our latest culture,
Is the neatest way to secure
The heaviest returns on what we manufacture …
Can serve an eviction notice
To the afflictions of our nations

Move us from drowning in poverty
To owning property
From inadequate internal infrastructure
For Africa’s industrious people
Thus giving a chance
To enhance our business and commerce
To upgrade
How we trade

If science ,technology and innovation
Is the way to navigate the tricky waters
Of modern day industrialization
Then we need no persuasion.

We must by all means dig in
Let STI tools flood our workplaces and schools
Africa must not be late, for this date with fate
We must take total, complete
And up apologetic advantage
Of the cutting edge knowledge
Of this new age

So it’s over to you
Over to you empowers for no one can manage to
Change Africa
The way an Africa can
No one can be excited
About an African united
Like an African can

Honorable ministers
We wish you no less than success
As you court, wow
And bring home this 21st century bride
For when the global trends ask us if we take ,
Science , technology and innovation
To love to cherish and to hold
Africa must in every way proudly and loudly say,
“I DO’’

Dorcas Muthoni
2nd year, Enoomatasiani Girls Secondary School, Kiserian Kenya
From Ngong, Kenya


Mmm…… I have a pretty fantastic narrative, concerning a young girl who lived in a certain forgotten village near the Ngong Hills of Kenya at a village called the Manka village. Ah! Now there goes my narrative…..

There once lived a small family from a humble background, and a certain girl fortunately or unfortunately happened to land in that family. The family lived in great poverty, always ounting their miserable days here on earth. each day that dawned, always brought in cruel events in the poor family’s life.

The father who apparently is the head of the family abandoned their family and decided to settle with another family. Oh God! Now that family was left all alone, without a head to solve their major difficulties like food. The family’s bread winner had abandoned them and the family was left in the hands of a jobless mother.

Though how hard the situation was, the family especially the mother tried to persevere and push on with life. At times, the mother would lack money to buy food and that would lead to the family sleeping, hungry, their stomach’s rumbling all night. The mother would find herself in financial difficulties and at times she would pick a loan from a bank and when she was not able to pay, the people from the bank would come and pick their property claiming that the jobless mother was not able to pay their money back.

But, thought the family was going through hardship, they did not give up and now that their elder daughter in the family had attended a fabulous camp, she got motivated a lot. The girl made up her mind to gather up her life experiences to motivate and encourage young girls, as she was taught to do at the WAAW Foundation camp. And now the girls is very enriched with encouragement from the STEM group and more so that thought their father had abandoned them, she will work hard not to get married to a husband who will take advantage of her financial weakness and mistreat her. Though now that the father to the young girl is slightly associating with the family, he has not yet decided to completely help the family. The father is illiterate as he did not attend school and that is why he does thing that really hurt the family. And through the illeteracy of the father, she has decided to work extra hard to show the damn society that though her father did not make it to school, she can make it and even better than any one else can think.

The girl got motivated from a camp that was held at Brookhouse International School by a blessed organization called the WAAW Foundation. Now the girl is determined to make it to the university thought no one in her family has ever made it to the university. She strives to be the first lady to go to the University, drive her own car and build a luxurious home for her to dwell in as well as a home for her parents to live.

And that young girl is none other than ….. (me) Mary Ng’Ang’a. Be Blessed.

Thanks to the WAAW Foundation that has empowered me with new and fresh energy to move on with life as a young and motivated lady. And that is my very very summarized life story.

By Mary Ng’ang’a
2nd  Year, Enoomatasiani   Girls   Secondary   School.
Kiserian, Kenya.



WAAW my life,

WAAW my joy,

my encourager,

ooh too much for me

to gain from WAAW


Working to advance

African women in Science and Technology
Their policy

WAAW what a blessed organization it is
WAAW my organization.

WAAW the African girls saver

Organization bringing out
African innovative, creative, initiatve and intelligent women,
WAAW oh how lovely
WAAW my lovely organization
Oh how encouraging
Thank you WAAW
Youve made me
Creative and more intelligent
How wonderful to have you.

Thank you! Thank you!
My blessed WAAW Foundation.

By Kesgey Deb’orah Jelagat
Year 2,