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STEM In A HandBag Kits

In Partnership with the Emerging Leaders In Technology and Engineering (ELITE), facilitated by the Google Rise Partnership Award, we provide STEM-in-a-handbag kits to each WAAW Foundation Chapter operating in a University in Africa.

A STEM-in-a-handbag kit is a pop-up computer lab which can be easily transported and set up in 5 – 10 minutes to teach computer science in remote secondary schools across Africa. The kits – consisting of 10-12 Raspberry-Pi

Raspberry-Pipowered mini computers along with corresponding Arduino sets which can all fit nicely into a large handbag or backpack – may be pre-charged to provide up to 8 hours of continuous instruction time without worrying about Electricity disruptions. This is particularly useful for teaching Computer Science in remote secondary schools where lack of computer labs and electricity supply are key concerns.

The complete curriculum used for instruction and lesson plans in Computer Science Programming (e.g. Scratch, Python, Mobile App Development, Turtle Graphics) are installed in each computer. When available, each laptop can connect directly to the internet via WIFI, however this is not required to complete any lesson plans in our curriculum. DSC_0680To date WAAW Foundation and ELiTe have trained over 120 college girls in the use of these kits and provided 11 chapters across Africa with the pop-up STEM-in-a-handbag kits and taught Computer Science programming to over 10,000 secondary girls in remote public schools.

Interested in helping us provide more kits for Computer Science Training? Please contact us here.





DSCN0087[1]   DSCN0065[1]

MINI-COMPUTER                                                                             BREAD BOARD


RASPBERRY PI BOARD                                                                  MINI-MOTORS


SD CARD                                                                                    USB CORD I (HDMI)


           USB CORD II                                                                                 USB CORD III