Provide STEM Kits

What do we do and what is the need?

With your help WAAW Foundation can reach thousands of girls in Africa. WAAW Foundation currently works in 11 countries in Africa – including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa. Our scholarship programs, STEM camps, Code school and college to Secondary mentoring and tutoring programs reach over 10,000 African girls every year.

To make a lasting impact with our College to secondary outreach program, we need your help. Our STEM fellows who are African college girls who volunteer to mentor secondary school girls in Africa, are very passionate about their outreach work. However, without access to training as well as basic teaching materials, science kits and low cost pop up computer labs, their impact is very very limited.

How does sponsorship work?

By becoming a sponsor, you are providing instructional materials and an incredible educational experience to a girl in Africa, and you get credit for it! You will become a strategic WAAW partner and your donations will be visible to the whole world. Also, as a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization, your contributions may be deducted from Federal income tax.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for organizations who can give:
1. Science where to buy modafinil reddit kits and equipment especially portable kits for teaching science.
2. Off the shelf electronics, science and technology parts.
3. Basic building tools like wires, pincers, voltmeters, etc
4. School supplies.

Interested in helping?

If you can help in this area, kindly contact us at:

What WAAW Foundation believes?

At WAAW Foundation, we operate on 2 basic tenets:

1. Pay it forward – For each girl we help, we insist that they in turn, help several others. Our beneficiaries understand that they are not getting aid or a hand out. They are expected to take what they receive, increase its impact and give back within their communities! This empowers each girl and spreads the impact exponentially!

2.  Employ locally sourced, readily available and low cost materials to teach science.  We insist that our beneficiaries address the particular problems they face in their communities using what they can get their hands on. This drives home the notion that technology innovation is something within the reach of each girl, even if they live in rural communities, and that each of us can make a difference right where we are with what we already have!