My Love for Automobile: NAOMI OBOREVWORI

My Love for Automobile: NAOMI OBOREVWORI

Meet Naomi Oborevwori, a 2020 WAAW Foundation scholarship beneficiary. She is a Meachinacl Engineering at Delta State University Nigeria and she currently an intern at an automobile workshop. Naomi shares her story about her love and interest in automobile.

The mystery behind the operation of the automobile has  always  been  fascinating.  How  the  mere  setting  of  an  engines  timing could determine  the  start and  movement  of a car?  How  the  four  pistons  of  an  engine a pair each  moves  in  the opposite  direction? These things amaze me. It  is one thing that would make me smile on a  bad day. 

Growing up, I craved to just touch them but this wish couldn’t be granted. As a ten-year-old,  the  best I  was  allowed  to mess  with  were  spoilt torchlight. They weren’t so close to automobile but it was just fine since  I  won’t be yelled at for dismantling them. Whenever  I  saw an  automobile move across my street that inner curiosity and joy was immediately rekindled.  All  these pushed me hard to want to have access to an automobile which matured to my choice of  study.  It was not an easy one considering the fact that they were just three universities in my  country that offered automobile engineering as a program. They happened to be universities    I had no hope of attending due to cost of funding and so I made a decision to study mechanical engineering in a possible university.Having the support of people  was  quite  difficult. when  I was about to sit for my Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) examination (JAMB is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions), I made my intentions known to my family concerning my choice of course. They were all against it for the society sees it abnormal for a lady to study engineering and it would limit excellence. Each day I met one or two persons for advice and they told me the exact same thing and was advised to lower my expectations for the engineering profession. After many pleas, my parents granted.

As a  mechanical  engineering  student  in a  Nigerian university, it  is  a well-known fact that  the  ratio  of  theoretical  to  practical  work  isn’t  quite  encouraging. Hence  I  had  to  search  for  an alternative to  improve  on  my  skills.  I concluded to work in an automobile  workshop  during  my  school  holidays to derive joy and satisfy such a desire. Luckily my automobile internship  makes  me  feel  a step closer  towards  achieving  my  dreams. Being  around  those  who  know  so  much  about  automobile  makes  me  realize  that  I still have  a  long  way  to go and it gives  me  the  courage  I  need  to  learn  and  build  myself.


Personally, I am challenged to change the idea of females not being fit for specific professions in our society. My dream was bigger than the society could see and I am determined to strive harder for it. There’s still a long way ahead and I will keep pushing.

To  young  females out there,  never  limit  your  dreams  because  of  what  the  world  thinks, fight  for  what you believe  in because you  too  can  excel  in  what  you  set  your  mind to. Always remember you are  a  woman and as women  we  are powerful. Let’s challenge ourselves more to change our society. 

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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