My Experience in She Hacks Coding Boot-Camp Cohort 13

My Experience in She Hacks Coding Boot-Camp Cohort 13

ANOTHER IN THE BAG!!! Apparently, I among 40 young, brilliant and beautiful are the latest world CODERS!. It feels surreal thinking and saying this aloud, but here it is. The last 40 days have been so intense, but the WAAW Foundation Team did justice to the pronunciation of their name (WOW!).

I was one of the few who couldn’t make the physical interview but kept calling until I was informed that I was accepted to be trained for the SheHacksAfrica Cohort 13. I was so elated! I had always wanted an opportunity to explore technology but without a background and no viable hands-on offer, I kept pushing this dream away. I was also scared about failing at learning because I never had a science background and thought it will be a boring waste of time. I didn’t bargain for the professional excellence that is the WAAW Foundation.

I walked into the facility for the first time to start the training and was taken aback by the neat, well-organized training center provided for free. The thoughtfulness showed in the lighting, electronics, etc. everything prepared for the best learning experience AT NO COST (still shocked because this is not the experience with any free offer in Nigeria). Then, the facilitator (Mrs. Funke) was all smiles and made us do the name ice-breaker that made everyone immediately comfortable. The day progressed with my learning expanding and we got snacks! Again this thoughtfulness cannot go unappreciated as I would have accepted whatever was available for the learning that was offered.

As we cracked the basics of HTML and dived into leadership & entrepreneurial lessons, I realized that this well-rounded training was just the best thing I needed. We were given tasks that we were unaware we could come up with creative solutions quickly. This showed me that many times we waste time procrastinating or just dilly-dallying over a problem when we have the capacity to give workable answers if we don’t worry about it being “perfect”. No stone was left unturned as all facilitators ensured everyone was carried along and were so patient with all of us. I understood the importance of criticism and feedback as our ideas were heard and we were given the metrics on successful ideas that impact the world. Even when I missed a few days due to ill-health, the bond and care shown by the facilitators permeated to my colleagues as I was bombarded with calls, and was assisted in catching up all the parts I missed on MySQL, Github, etc. 

The training wrapped up with a bang of jubilation and nostalgia because each group poured a lot of passion, creativity & excellence. My team (DesignFusion) was the 1st-runner up with a 2 point difference and me along with my team members are so grateful to work and build this idea to completion. We have each been given people who are passionate about changing the world & our strengths been sharpened. I speak for my fellow cohorts to say that we are not only the latest coders, but also trained business experts ready to impact the world efficiently and excellently all thanks to the team at WAAW Foundation.

Join us in welcoming She Hacks Africa coding Bootcamp participants, cohort 15

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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