MR KEMASUODE EBIASUODE BRIGHT talks about how WAAW foundation changed his teaching career

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MR KEMASUODE EBIASUODE BRIGHT talks about how WAAW foundation changed his teaching career

Mr Bright is one of the 2017 WAAW Foundation teacher’s training alumni and a Level Up Village (LUV) teacher. This is what he has to say about how the training transformed his life.

I had a life changing experience, when I encountered WAAW Foundation, it was a simple application for teachers in Nigeria to attend a free STEM training in Abuja, to me it was just one of those trainings that will help boast my curriculum vitae, little did I know that it was a training that would open my eyes and heart to the next part of my career.

Prior to WAAW Foundations teachers training, teaching was more like a means to an end, but after my training with WAAW Foundation, August 2017, my ideologies and orientations about teaching changed as a result of the mind blowing skills and capacity building I learnt from the training. I was able to establish a STEM club at my school, Gavriela Secondary school, Igbokodo Itsekiri, Delta state, impacting over 30 students where my students exhibited their hidden creative abilities. I also started a STEM Club in Osubi, Delta state with a teenagers organization called We Care Teens Club, where I was able to impact over 700 teenagers on the importance of STEM in fast growing and technologically advanced world.
WAAW Foundation, also exposed me to her Level Up Village collaboration classroom, where 40 of my teenagers were able to participate in a global scientist class were we worked on Tinker card software in producing 3D objects. My students for the first time in their lives experienced the beauty of collaboration with students from another continent. It was also a beautiful experience for me, as that was the first time i had done something so magnificent not withstanding my over 6 years experience in the teaching profession.

The impact of WAAW Foundation made me to value the teaching profession, which prompted me to not just live my life as an ordinary teacher but as a teacher leader, this prompted me to apply for the 2018 Teach For Nigeria Fellowship, were am working as a teacher leader in an undeserved school, in a town called Ayetoro, in Ogun state, south –western part of Nigeria. I have been able to impact the lives of over 40 students in this year’s Level Up Village class, some from my school and the others from We Care Teens Club, where we focused and collaborated on water crisis and its solutions and we also worked on The Givers class which centered on building a more conducive environment for everyone.

I have also been able to set up a small STEM club in my present school, Roman Catholic Mission School 1, Ayetoro, Ogun state. Where two of my pupils won the just concluded science competition as the first and second position out of 24 schools and over 80 participant.

Thanks to WAAW Foundation for this privilege.

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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