May Outreach and Mentoring program

May Outreach and Mentoring program

The WAAW Foundation STEM outreach program was launched in 2013. This program aims to train and equip college students to organize STEM outreach chapters within their Universities and promote STEM education and learning amongst secondary school students. The overall goal of the WAAW foundation STEM outreach and Mentoring program is to bridge the secondary school-to-college continuum for Science Technology Engineering, Math (STEM) in Africa and ultimately increase the pipeline of African girls entering STEM careers.  

In May 2016, the following STEM chapters organized STEM outreach and mentoring program and impacted a total of 112 secondary school students in hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities:

SOUTH AFRICA – University of Pretoria Chapter 

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University of Pretoria STEM fellows visited Phateng Secondary School, Mamelodi. The team assisted the learners through Mathematics and Natural Science tutorials. One of the fellows, Isreal highlighted some important geometry theorems to the grade 9s while Charity, the Chapter’s Secretary broke down the role of the cell in Life Sciences.

In line with the grade 8 Natural Science curriculum, Hannah (Chapter leader) and Noxolo (Assistant) facilitated the learners in investigating whether air is matter or not, using balloons. They also used a burning candle to demonstrate the different phases of matter. Furthermore, the learners had the opportunity to investigate the chemical properties of matter through the iodine clock reaction experiment.

They ended off the day with a prize giving session. The learners had previously where to buy modafinil uk been given an assignment to research on the various ways in which they can use water efficiently in and around their homes. The top three learners were awarded with different prizes of encouragement. It was a heartwarming and fulfilling day. 23 students were impacted.

NIGERIA – Delta State University Chapter

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Fellows from our Delta State University chapter,Nigeria conducted an outreach at the Emiye girls grammar school where they introduced girls to computer programming using Blockly; Maze and Turtle Graphics. 32 students were impacted.

CAMEROON – University of Bueu Chapter

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Fellows from the university of Bueu chapter, cameroon conducted STEM outreach to three secondary schools. Secondary school students did hands-on Electrical flow lesson. “We wired on a test board the circuit of an automatic street light using a popular timer I.C 555, a L.D.R(Light Depending Resistance), L.E.D(Light Emitting Diode) and a Variable resistance(Potentiometer) to show how electric current could be transfered” said Farida Gueleu, Chapter leader. 21 students were impacted.

NIGERIA -Federal University of Technology, Minna  (FUTME) Chapter

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FUT-ME fellows had a visit to Hasha International School, located at Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. They had a class on the introduction to programming where the girls learnt how to use programming blocks to create short animations for themselves.  The class was really fun, and the students were encouraged to believe in themselves.
36 students were impacted.
Tolulope Owajoba
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