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The S(he) Hacks Africa Cohort #4 Bootcamp is planned to groom another set of young energetic talents in Lagos from February 2018. Just like the last Cohort #3 held in October 2016, this next cohort is fashioned to even get better with our seasoned experts and project-based curriculum.
This 4-week intensive Software Programming, Leadership and Entrepreneurship training is organized by WAAW Foundation, which has been on the mission to empower youths, most especially women in technology and software programming through quality education, seasoned instruction, and individualized mentorship and ensure that this talent is used to develop the African continent.

Winners of the She Hacks Africa Cohort #3

Winners of She Hacks Africa Cohort #3

Our intensive training facilitated by experts will expose participants to the amazing hands-on experience in Software programming and coding skills which includes practical knowledge on to how to build a Full Stack Web Application using HTML(HyperTextMarkup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheet), JavaScript, as well as PHP (HpertextPreprocessor) and MySQL (Structured Query Language) to manage database of users.
In addition, participants will be introduced to Git and Github and learn to use WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS). They will also learn 3D animation with Java using the Alice Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including Mobile App development.
They will be go through a Design-Thinking exercise and brainstorm as teams to proffer project-based “Tech-solutions” to problems in our society ranging from insecurity, unemployment, insufficient power supply, education, poor health etc. The Tech-products, leadership and entrepreneurial skills obtained from these practical sessions will guide our participants to become Entrepreneurs, Community Change agents and some will be interns in reputable Tech companies, thus, creating a ripple effect for our social impact.
One of the winners from Cohort #3 said “Words cannot articulate how much I have gained from this coding workshop. It has been more than an exciting and priceless experience. Personal objectives made and written at the start of the workshop were not just met, but were met at a deeper level” – Chinyere Ihuegbu.
To learn about the Cohort #3, click here https://waawfoundation.org/2017/11/09/the-amazing-highlights-of-she-hacks-africa-cohort-3-bootcamp/

she hacks Africa Cohort #3

Coding is fun

At S(he) Hacks Africa bootcamp, we strongly believe in not just developing Software Developers but also groom them to be Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Technology experts. Our participants will be mentored to deeply understand the journey of software development. They will also be enlightened on Leadership and Entrepreneurship training subjects as Leadership, Goal setting, and Communication, Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Budgeting, Developing and Writing a Business plan.
In the last Cohort, we had resourceful partners coming to share insight. We partnered with Andela Ladies-In-Technology, LEAP Africa, Oracle Academy and Dotlearn, as well as Housessories and Ford Foundation who were also judges on the closing ceremony. This time, it’s planned to even get better.
All through the weeks, participants would work on projects as teams and weekly presentations will be done to establish what they have learnt for the week. At the end of the Bootcamp, a closing ceremony will be held where our participants will have the privilege to pitch their projects, network with prominent leaders in Technology across the globe and winners will emerge.



Cohort #4 Application

With the above highlights, it is an established fact that the S(He) Hacks Africa Cohort #4 intensive coding boot-camp will encourage diversity and most especially raise future generations of problem solvers. So, join us!
Interested participants can apply at https://waawfoundation.wufoo.com/forms/she-hacks-africa-application-form/ for the training or email tolu@shehacksafrica.org for further enquiries.

Application ends January 25th, 2018.

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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