Frequently Asked Questions

About STEM Camp

1.  Where can I apply or register for the STEM camp?

Follow this link to apply for STEM camp program.

  1. How will I know if my registration was received?

You will receive a confirmation of receipt to verify that we have received your application. This only confirms that it has been received, not that your daughter is enrolled. You will receive a Parent Packet in June as a final confirmation.

  1. Who is this camp open to?

Our Science and Technology camp targets girls who are secondary school students ages 13-17 years. Camp activities are active and are packed with hands-on experiences.

  1. May I sign my student up on the first day of camp?

Register early. Each camp has limited space and most camps fill up very early—many sell out a month or more in advance. If you haven’t pre-registered and to avoid disappointment, we recommend you visit our web site or phone 08059019990 to see if there is space available prior to the first day of camp

  1. Do you cover transportation?

WAAW does not cover transportation. Parents or guidance must provide transportation to campers

  1. Is WAAW camp a full-day or half-day camp?

We run a full day residential camp. Campers are provided accommodation for 6-7 days.

  1. Who teaches the camps?

Teaching at summer camp is a highly sought after opportunity so we can be very selective in hiring our teachers. We seek teachers who have a passion for teaching hands-on science and who have a track record of success in managing a diverse classroom.

  1. Do I need to bring anything special on the first day of camp?

You should receive a “parent packet” of information with your registration confirmation that includes:

Parent Information/Consent letter                              Camp package

Student Information form                                              Health Information letter

If you didn’t receive the above information, please email  Please return the completed forms at least 1 week prior to the start of camp. We must have one set of signed forms for each student prior to the start of camp. We are unable to permit students to participate in camp if we do not have these completed forms.

  1. Are snacks or meals provided?

We provide feeding including breakfast, Lunch and dinner for the campers throughout the camp. Students may also bring healthy snacks to enjoy during breaks; food is not allowed in the classroom except water.

  1. What do I need to pick up my child/ward?

Please pick up camper promptly at the end of the camp closing ceremony; no after camp care is provided. For the safety of our campers, we require photo identification from each parent/guardian every day for every camper. While we might know you by name and have seen you a few times, please do not be offended when we ask for photo identification. Whoever comes to pick up a camper must be listed on that camper’s Student Information form and must also show photo identification; if he/she is not listed, we will not be able to release the camper to that person’s care.

  1. How do I know what my child/ward is doing in camp?

A daily curriculum sheet is provided to parents/guardians on the opening day of camp listing the projects and activities for the week. Parents/guardians, grandparents, siblings, and other friends, are allowed to come to “Closing ceremony” event at the end of the camp usually the Saturday of the week to see the campers projects and activities he/she has been learning during the week. If you have any question about the schedule, feel free to ask our camp counselors for more information.

  1. Do the campers leave the camp site?

Camper safety is our number one priority. For this reason, campers do not leave the camp site during camp days until they are checked out of camp by an authorized parent or guardian. The only exception is for the Excursion days when we take the campers out for sightseeing (about 3 hours) and bring them back to camp site. (Parents and families are welcome to join us on closing ceremony day.)

  1. What If my child/ward has special needs?

If your student has special needs, some accommodations may be available so please let us know at least four weeks prior to the first class. Please email



1. Where can I apply for the Scholarship?
A: You can apply at

2. When does the scholarship open?
A. The Scholarship opens on August 1 and closes on October 15.

3. How do I show financial need?
A. Tell us about your need or personal/family/financial situation in the essay question. 

4. Will those reapplying still go through the same procedures as those applying for the first time?
A. Yes, you will where to buy provigil in canada need to complete the application.

5. Who can I use as references?
A. You must provide 2 letters of reference, one MUST be written by a professor from your institution of study and the other from an academic supervisor/advisor or mentor.

6. Can a student who just gained admission benefit from this scholarship.
A. You must be accepted and taking classes as an undergraduate in order to provide proof of academic excellence

7.  Can I get a recommendation letter from an experienced relation (father, uncle and so on) as an academic mentor. In other words, must a job supervisor and/or academic mentor be someone the applicant knows?
A. You must get a recommendation from someone who can attest to your job/academic ethics and prowess. So yes it must be someone you know and has worked with/taught you. 

8. Can I save the incomplete application and continue later.
A. No, you will need to enter another application.

9. When will the Short List be announced?
A. November

10. When will the awards be announced?
A. March

11. What courses are accepted as STEM
A. Agriculture, Aircraft engineering, Architecture, Bio Medical, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Civil engineering and urbanism, Computer Science, Construction technology and management , Economics, Electronics Engineering, Engineering Agriculture, Environmental Health, Environmental Science, Food Science Technology, Genetics, Geography, Geology, Industrial Chemistry, IT, Math related fields, Natural Science, Pharmacy, Physics, Science related fields, Statistics, Technology, Zoology

12. Are Medicine and Surgery accepted?
A. No WAAW Foundation has determined that it is not able to consider Medicine and Surgery for its scholarship program at this time.

13. Courses not accepted for the WAAW Scholarship
A. Accounting, Agriculture Economics, Anesthesiology, Arts, BA degree, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Business Information Technology, Business Statistics, Catering/Hospitality, Commerce, Community Health, Developmental Studies, Diploma, Economics, Education/Teaching, Finance and Operation Research, Financial Management, Gender Studies, Graphics Design, Guidance & Counseling, Health Information Management, International Finance, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Library and Information Sciences, Mass Communication, Math Education, Matric, Medical Lab Science, Medicine and Surgery, N2, National Diploma, Nature Conservation, Nursing, Paramedics, Political science, Procurement, Project Management, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Health, Real Estate, Recreation and Leisure Management, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Secretarial Studies, Social Science, Social Science in Economics, Sociology, Supplies Chain Management, Textile Technology, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Veterinary Medicine, Welding and Fabrication Engineering, Wildlife and Ecotourism Management

14. Does the applicant or the referee send in the Reference Letter?
A. The person who is the reference should send it to


STEM Chapter outreach program

  1. What is a STEM outreach chapter?

A chapter is a student led initiative which is comprise of 6 to 10 University students, led by a chapter leader. Chapter leader may or may not be a WAAW Scholarship recipient. Fellows organize into groups of 2 – 4 fellows per group. Each group is assigned and visits a particular secondary once every month for the duration of the academic year.

  1. Can I apply to join an existing STEM chapter outreach program?
    Yes. To join an existing STEM chapter outreach program in your college, apply at
  2. I would like to launch a similar STEM chapter outreach program on my University campus in Africa, can you help me?

Yes we are able to provide support needed to launch a STEM chapter on your University campus. Kindly email:

  1. What are the criteria of being a Fellow?

Undergraduate female student, currently enrolled and in good academic standing

Studying a STEM related field – Up to 60% of the fellows must be in STEM related fields Studying and living in a University in Africa.

Willing and able to perform tasks for at least one year

Passionate and dedicated to giving back to their community

  1. I am male, can I participate in your STEM chapter outreach program?

Yes, you can participate in the outreach program but you cannot lead the Chapter. Our Chapter leaders are 100% young African University female students.

  1. Who is responsible for funding the chapter?

WAAW will provide funds to cover transportation to schools and teaching materials.

  1. Do I get trained?

Every year, we organize regional summit and training programs for fellows. We select fellows including the chapter leader from each chapter and bring them together from their respective communities/countries to receive STEM training, curriculum and training materials. Training could take place in any country in Africa.

  1. What is the link to the Fellows community page?

  1. How do I join the Fellows community page?

Fellows must be active on all social media platform especially the Google+ community where they share their outreach activities, pictures, videos, idea, meet other fellows from different African countries. To join this community, you must have active Gmail account and request to join the community