Fellows Mentorship Series With Dr Unoma Okorafor

Fellows Mentorship Series With Dr Unoma Okorafor

On the 10th of July, WAAW fellows had a Mentorship series with Dr. Unoma Okorafor, the founder of WAAW foundation. WAAW fellows had the opportunity to ask questions, share stories and challenges of their chapters.

Dr Unoma Okorafor reiterated the vision and the mission of WAAW Foundation. She talked about the programs in WAAW foundation as well as the ongoing She Hacks Africa happening in Lagos, Nigeria. She also shared her vision of expanding the organization to Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa. She answered questions pertaining to challenges of WAAW fellows in their chapters.

Furthermore, she mentioned that she is willing to personally support any WAAW fellow who is interested in furthering their education in Masters or Ph.D.

WAAW Fellows shared their experiences and the impact they have had.

Stella Muthungu in University of Eldoret, Kenya

I will forever be grateful to WAAW for the scholarship I was awarded. Because of it, I’ll graduate on time. It helped me clear my high school arrears. It has been great mentoring girls to join STEM. Seeing girls that didn’t initially believe in themselves, believe that they too can is what keeps me going”.

Kezia Mwangi, University of Eldoret Kenya

This is the best platforms i have ever signed to….the kind of zeal and enthusiasm in this group and the great empowerment programs we have carried out are so fulfilling we can’t trade them for another. I have been mentored and mentored juniors as well and courtesy of this group i am defining my engineering journey. i am now an alumni and i will promise to be actively involved in all activities forthcoming. WAAW is the best place to be”

Gisele Shema

I am glad I joined WAAW foundation and now am finishing my University this year. One of the things I will forever be grateful for is that I have contributed to the empowerment of my young sisters in secondary schools here in Rwanda through the activities carried in our chapters together with the fellows. Let’s continue moving forward

Keryln Nkep

One of the challenges we face now at the university of Buea chapter is the country’s insecurity issues.  Right now this part of the country has some political issues so this has a negative impact on our outreaches. But we are hoping things will be better by September”.

Caroline Ayieko , university of Eldoret

The WAAW foundation has been a blessing and through our chapters, I have participated encouraging more girls and this has indeed brought joy to my heart

Flavia Nshemerirwe, Makerere University Chapter alumni.          

The outreaches to secondary schools gave me an opportunity to give back to the community. I am a software developer at Andela Uganda and I am still involved in community initiatives to support women in tech”.

 Tigu Woldetsadik. a third year civil engineering student in Mekelle University, Ethiopia.

Being part of this program is a great honor. Because it has helped me a lot to step up to be influential and I hope it will help me more in the future”.

Clet Mwunguzi, University of Rwanda Chapter.

I’m also a software developer at Andela Kigali. I’m really inspired by the mission of WAAW and hoping to do great things with all of guys”.

My name is Winifred Odunoku, a representative of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria.  “The best thing that happened to me as an undergraduate was getting the WAAW foundation scholarship. Trust me. I’m an alumnus because I graduated last year, but I sincerely hope to reinvigorate the OOU cell”. 

Ropani Betty James an architecture student and a fellow at International University of East Africa, Uganda

I am very grateful to WAAW foundation for the scholarship I received. The outreaches I did in the two years kept me in the University until completion though I was not able to graduate due to financial challenges. I was able to mentor a few university students to carry on the vision of WAAW Foundation as I moved to South Sudan for a year before I return. I believe in this vision and I want to support girls in Africa in the Stem courses. So I will continue with outreaches when I return to Uganda in November. I have gained skill, courage, and the ability to speak to girls in secondary schools. I am currently doing individual outreaches in 3 secondary schools here in South Sudan where we have the least girl-child education ( about 6% of the class are girls ) as per the 3 schools due to early marriages and the recent 2016 war . Africa needs us to groom new leaders (doctors, Developers, creators etc.). If not for WAAW Foundation I wouldn’t have completed my five year course. I was supported and empowered so I will support and empower”.

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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