Delft University Netherlands

The Materials Science and Engineering Ultramarathon 2020

walk, run and cycle

The Materials Science and Engineering Ultramarathon 2020 (MSEU2020) is a digital trip through Europe and Africa. The trip is digital, but they do actually make the kilometres!

The 74 participants from the MSE department of Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) walk, run or cycle regularly, to stay fit and just for fun. The kilometres that are physically made are added up into a distance on a common trip. Or actually two trips: one walking and running, one by bike. Thus, each day together they cover a distance of some 150 – 200 km. Starting from Delft they proceed each day on a cycling trip through Europe, first heading for Lisbon, then back into central Europe towards Saint Petersburg and then back home to Delft, some 11,000 km. Interesting places that are visited on the way are described in a diary with pictures and interesting links. 

Likewise, the walkers and runners are on their way to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, also some 11,000 km. This journey started on November 9 and will finish on January 3, a period of eight weeks.

support women’s STEM education in Africa

The MSE Department of Delft University of Technology is doing this for fun, but also for a purpose. They are on the road to support women’s STEM education in Africa. 


For every kilometer that is made a donation is given by the Department to Working to Advance Science and Technology Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation. More donators are most welcome! 


Each donator will be informed on the trips by Delft University of Technology on a daily basis and will receive a fine copy of the diaries when they finish. For this, please send a mail to Prof. Jilt Sietsma at


To make a donation per kilometre covered by the Delft travelers, please mail Prof. Jilt Sietsma at, otherwise, click on the Donate button below to make a flat contribution to WAAW on behalf of the event.