“Your gift empowers women in Africa to use technology to innovate and solve problems in their communities. We enable self-help, not aid. We fund change, not charity….”

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Equip an Educational Institution

$1750 – Sponsors training and equipping on one STEM College chapter.

Each chapter constitutes 5 – 10 African college students who participate in our College-to-Secondary mentoring program. Each college chapter is lead by fellows who are trained and equipped with STEM-in-a-bag kits, to perform 2 – 4 monthly outreach and mentoring programs to neighbouring secondary schools.

Potential Impact/Reach: 1500 – 4000 Public secondary school girls per year.
Goal: Give college students avocation for public secondary education and teach role modelling and volunteerism. Mentor and provide role models to secondary students, especially girls to choose STEM careers.


Equip an Educator

$750  – Trains one Public School STEM Teacher and Equips them with the STEM in a BackPack kit.

Trained master teachers run on-going STEM clubs within their schools. The STEM-in-a-bag kits provide enough STEM kits to run hand-on programs for 30 students, building problem solving and creativity skills in public schools. This gift is a one time gift that keeps on giving.

Potential Impact/Reach: 200 – 250 Public secondary school students/year with a focus on girls.
Goal: Train and excite STEM teachers on hands-on, gender-sensitive pedagogy. Create on-going STEM activities for public students. Inculcate innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills in public school students.


Equip a Student

$600 – Sponsors one participant in our (S)he Hacks Africa coding boot camp.

This program equips young Africans with cutting edge coding and entrepreneurship skills and works to ensure they either are placed in a Tech-focused job within 4 months of graduation or create a tech-enabled startup that should have at least 10 employees within 3 years.

Potential Impact/Reach: 1 post-college student. This program has the deepest impact.
Goal: Economically empower an African girl by training her to acquire 21st-century employable skills in cutting edge technology and software development to either work in a technology field or start a tech-enabled enterprise that creates jobs.


Sponsor a Scholarship

$550 – Sponsors one College Scholarship for an African girl studying a STEM course in an African University.

$500 Scholarships are awarded to economically disadvantaged bright students to support tuition and living expenses. $50 is an administrative overhead cost. This scholarship is renewable each year, contingent on the scholar’s continued academic success and active engagement in the College-to-Secondary outreach programs.

Potential Impact/Reach: 1 College student. This program has the deepest impact.
Goal: Support an African girl to complete a STEM college education and pursue careers in Technology and STEM Academia.


Donate by Cheque

Make cheques payable to WAAW FOUNDATION and mail to 1719 Angel Parkway, Suite 400-190, Allen TX 75002

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Africa – Nigeria

Bank(s) Name:  Guarantee Trust Bank, Nigeria
Account Number: 0125650958

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Matching Gifts 

Many companies provide employees with the benefit of matching their gifts to a 501(c) organization. An employee’s charitable gift may be matched by his or her company up to 3:1. which can double or triple the impact of your donation. WAAW Foundation is listed as a non-profit partner with many international organizations through Benevity. Please check with your human resources department to learn about your company’s matching gift program.

All donations are tax-deductible

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has determined WAAW Foundation to be exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the internal revenue code as a non-profit organization as described in section 501(c)(3). WAAW Foundation issues a receipt for tax deduction purposes at the end of every year. (EIN/tax ID number: 20 – 8576703).
WAAW Foundation is also registered as a non-profit organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

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