Digital Tools Teachers can use to enhance student learning

Digital Tools Teachers can use to enhance student learning

Digital literacy represents the ability to use the information and communications technologies safely and critically for work, both on a personal as well as on a social level. The main features of this modern literacy are the use of computers for the purpose of finding, evaluating, creating, displaying and sharing information over the Internet. Acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of ICT is one of the prerequisites for successful social inclusion in contemporary society and the labour market, while digital literacy is one of the necessary competencies of a modern person. Therefore, in order to achieve quality education, these two concepts have become part of the educational system.


Digital Literacy for Teachers

Teachers can offer important pedagogical and practical insights for Edtech companies developing learning technology for students. Today “teacher-preneurs” are sparking teacher-based technological innovation — and they’re drawn largely from the ranks of the digitally literate. Teacherpreneurs are teachers who see the need for digital solutions in their classrooms, and some take on roles where they coach other teachers on using technology External link as a powerful differentiation tool. As teachers master digital literacy with their lessons, they can collaborate with peers to share technology and work toward improving learning outcomes for their students.
It is crucial that school and district administrators emphasize teacher digital literacy to avoid policies that simply mandate placing technology into the hands of students without thought of how that technology will be used.

Digital Tools that teachers can use to improve their students

Google Classroom
Adobe Spark Video
Google Forms
Pear Deck

A SelfCAD is a free, cloud-based 3D CAD software package for students. It is incredibly easy to use, yet provides an authentic, ‘real world’ 3D design experience. Another notable feature— SelfCAD has teamed up with MyMiniFactory, to provide a database of already completed 3D printable designs, making thousands of 3D objects available for immediate 3D printing. All around, it is a very powerful and effective tool for learning in STEM, and a number of schools are getting on board.


A Google Classroom is a powerful community based social tool for learning. It allows students to post questions and receive answers from their teachers and fellow students. Furthermore, teachers can post intriguing questions and lesson materials for review at home. It can also be integrated with other Google products such as Google Forms, which can be a great way to get feedback from students.

Adobe spark video Is an application that enables students to produce short, animated, narrated explainer videos. Students can easily add photos, video clips, icons, and voice, as well as professional-quality soundtracks and cinematic motion to their video creations. Video and vlog making is a great way to engage students creatively, and an ‘out of the box approach to class projects or reviewing learning materials.

A Google Drive app that allows you to create documents that students can collaborate on in real-time using smartphones, tablets, and laptops

A Nearpod is nice in that you can not only gather evidence of student learning, like an all-student response system but also create differentiated lessons based on the data you collected.

A Pear Deck is a tool where you Plan and build interactive presentations that students can participate in via their smart device. It offers unique question types.

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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