Become A Board Member

At the heart of WAAW Foundation's work are our supporters. We know at WAAW foundation that our vision to lift Africa out of poverty by empowering African women is bold, maybe even audacious, and overwhelming. The need is so great and the resources and laborers so few! Yet from people we meet every day, inspired by the flood of applications responding to the WAAW Foundation Scholarship or the feedback from our STEM Cell fellows and She Hacks Coding Bootcamp, we see ample reason to remain dedicated to this vision. It is well known from experience that, equipped with the proper resources, impoverished women have the power to help their families and entire communities escape poverty. With a shared commitment towards our goal, we are convinced we will continue to see signs of success towards building up the African woman, with dignity and security to be all she can be.


The Board of Directors of the organization is responsible for determining the organization's goals, policy, growth, and approving the annual budget. As a group and individually, members of the Board are legally and morally responsible for all activities of the organization.



Commit to the personal financial support of WAAW, not less than $5,000 annually. To reach this goal, you can personally raise funds for WAAW Foundation or by leveraging personal and professional networks to raise funds, supporting fundraising efforts or events, seeking new grant opportunities, write and review grants, pursue funding opportunities or train and develop the WAAW team in fundraising and grant writing.

Oversight of WAAW Team & People Development

Mentor a minimum of 1 WAAW executive team member, provide opportunities for staff development and training, approve recruitment plans, remuneration, annual reviews, and performance bonuses, and review & recommend candidates for hire for the Executive team.

Organization and Programmatic Strategy

Engage in scholarship interviews for shortlisted candidates (at least 2 candidates), deliberate and provide strategic direction for all WAAW program, set targets and hold the team accountable, and set short term and long term road map for the organization.

Partnership Building & Community Liaison

Serve as a community liaison and develop relationships with high-level partners, corporations, and government, attend high-level meetings to support the WAAW team, represent WAAW at external events, conferences, talks, etc., and actively promote the WAAW foundation in my community and networks, and will encourage and support its board and staff.

Policy, Programs, and Strategy

Take part in overseeing and advising the foundation on its policies and programs, act in accordance with the bylaws and policies, and understand that I am morally responsible, as a member of the Governing board, for the well-being of the foundation, and participate as needed in assessing WAAW foundation programs and setting its long-range strategic goals and annual objectives.


Review & ratify financial reports, review & approve budget, avoid conflicts of interest and will maintain the confidentiality of all WAAW Foundations interests, and members of the Board of Directors are expected to serve at least a two (2) year term.



Knowledge and Experience

Must demonstrate an interest in and knowledge of education and the organization’s service goals. Experience and/or knowledge in at least one of the following elements are desirable: advocacy, administration, management, finance, personnel, program development, legal skills, public relations, or communications.

Active Board Participation

Two to four hours bi-monthly. This includes attending board, committee, reviewing agenda packet prior to meetings, and making essential telephone calls.

Must be able to regularly attend board meeting, participate on board committees, and familiarize self with agenda and attachments prior to each board meeting.

Leadership Responsibilities

An additional two hours monthly. This includes positions such as board officers, advisory board membership, organization volunteers, and committee chairpersons.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member