2020 She Hacks Africa Online Coding Boot camp, Cohort 21

2020 She Hacks Africa Online Coding Boot camp, Cohort 21

The Working to Advance STEM Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation, which seeks to increase the pipeline of African women entering into Science and Technology fields and ensure they are engaged in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship to benefit Africa, recently concluded its SHA online boot camp (cohort 21).

The 21st edition of the She Hacks Africa program launched the online edition of the coding boot camp. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all physical programs were put on hold, thereby leading to the launching of the online boot camp. The online boot camp started with 24 young people from 6 countries who were equipped with Web development, Webhosting, WordPress, Digital Marketing, Technology, and Social entrepreneurship, Customer discovery & Design thinking application of Business model canvas, Pitching business ideas and leadership skills.

The program is an intensive 4 weeks coding boot camp and in-person/online training workshop, where African youths learn software programming and then practice what they have learned in project-based exercises that aim to simulate the every-day work environment and build their self-confidence as community change-makers, technology innovators, and entrepreneurs.



A major feature of the boot camp is the project work. With it, the participants are tasked with choosing a project they can work on. Participants were introduced to their training schedule and coaches and were divided into 6 groups. They were told about She Hacks Africa and what they were expected to learn after the 1-month coding boot camp. Each group were expected to identify a major problem in their immediate society and proffer solutions using technology while harnessing the skills they have learned

Each group identified a problem and the solutions offered were as follows;

Group 1 – AlphaMed

AlphaMed is a virtual medical service platform that provides users direct access to medical service providers. Our platform has a database of licensed medical service providers and medical doctors. Medical service providers include; laboratory services, Pharmacy, sonography services, optometry services, and physiotherapy services. The variety of service providers and expert medical professionals allows our users to choose and compare services and services providers close to them.

View website: https://github.com/Awaesther/Alphamed

Group 2 – School Run

School-Run is an easy, reliable, but safe transport system for parents where they can the whole process from booking, making their payment, and tracking their child go to school and back online. Parents will be able to set up a route on the site for pick and drop of and times. And the website will calculate the fee based on the kilometers and a flat booking fee for the car. Payment will be made online via the website.

View website: https://homehtml–mariogold.repl.co/

Group 3 – Afri_Cart

Afri_Cart we are primarily focused on selling and elevating the fashion industry within Africa. We are all about wearing African traditional prints with pride and confidence. We are all about instilling the idea of African empowerment and our slogan “Local is the only way up.” We do hope that supporting local brands is the only way to strengthen Africa’s economy.

View website: https://africartyenework–piper27.repl.co/Home.html

Group 4 – Cardio.com

Cardio.com is a health and wellness online fitness center that offers; Downloadable and Live fitness packages, Nutrition packages & Meditation packages.

View website: https://elated-galileo-2a7b8d.netlify.app/about.html

Group 5 – LifeLine

LifeLine is a platform that is anonymously accessible to those who are in distress, be it financial, physical, psychological, legal, medical, the list is endless. The reasoning behind this platform is that thousands of people need help with serious issues, however; they feel too ashamed to reach out to friends and loved ones for fear of being stigmatized or judged. LifeLine provides a safe and secure environment to help people and change lives.

View website: https://xylomilo.github.io/LifeLine/

Group 6 – Speak Out

Speak Out is a platform that gives people from various walks of life to speak out on crimes that they would have witnessed instead of keeping perpetrators on the loose and we ensure that the responsible authority deals with this and provide some justice to these issues.

View website: https://jeranyamad.github.io/solutionsHub.speakout/


Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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