The world is changing, in terms of technology, and things are moving so fast that what was relevant a month ago, has changed differently now. The challenges of the world are changing and we must rise up to them as they present new opportunities for us to explore.  In the midst of this opportunity however, is the obvious gender gap. For this reason, WAAW Foundation is investing in girl child education in Nigeria. Thankfully, STEM curriculum does not segregate the genders.

Girls who take STEM courses in secondary school do just as good, if not better than their male counterparts. However, the cultural beliefs and the view that women are not meant for difficult tasks have limited our girls from progressing into full careers in the science and technology industry. The mental tasks required for opportunity in the field of technology are not different for either gender and of course, innovation is not limited by gender which means a girl child, if properly groomed, trained to work with technology, encouraged to invest resources in tech training can command the same level of industry relevance just as much as her male colleagues.

This year, WAAW Foundation is organizing a one week computing, robotic and renewable energy camp for girls. This stem camp will bring together young girls from across the country, to learn about interesting technology innovations. The camp will focus on key skills which her of enormous relevance to the future of technology and of African. WAAW Foundation is creating opportunity for the girl child, doing all it takes for them to take the platform of innovation in the field of technology by investing in girls with age range between thirteen and seventeen so that we can have teenagers who will develop into ladies making the difference in the tech world.

Through this yearly STEM camp for girls, we help girls explore the excitement of technology, see the opportunities they can make use of as well as show them examples of women in tech and the innovations from them so far. With this, we can break the barriers of leaving tech to men, even from high school level, then we can boldly say the next ten to fifteen years will bring the difference we are yearning for in the technology world. This exactly is what the 2017 computing, robotic and renewable energy camp for girls in Secondary schools is all about.

Yes, many didn’t care about gender parity until recent times but now that the stratification has become alarming, young girls need to take advantage of relevant opportunities to forward their careers in STEM. As WAAW Foundation is preparing the future through this opportunity, we admonish you to spread the news. Let us encourage all girls across the country to partake of this training. Abuja date for the event is between 23 to 29 July while the Lagos event will take place by the 6th through the 12th of August all in 2017. This is a sure step in the right direction that we must all encourage and follow through.

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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