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The Importance of Volunteers in Non-Profits

Volunteers are a vital part of non-profit organizations. They’re essential for the growth of each company and helping the mission out. Without them, many companies would be non-existent. They depend on the generosity of these volunteers every day to keep the program running. Whether they’re behind the scenes on the boards or on the frontline working with the people in need, every person adds up to make a successful organization.

Almost any background is helpful when it comes to volunteering. Having knowledge in program development is essential to making programs better each year and continue to grow. Social media is important to help get the word out about the organization and promote it. Those who have knowledge with accounting or finances are very valuable in deciding how to spend the non-profit’s money each year in the best way possible. If you have a skill you think would be helpful to an organization you know, consider donating your time to help them out.


When volunteers donate their time for free, it allows the money received from donations and fundraising to go to important causes, which is especially true at WAAW. Equipment sometimes needs to be replaced for the STEM camps to keep the program running smoothly and have the women get the most out of their camps.

WAAW also gives out several scholarships each year for their STEM camps based on donations received. This allows young women who wouldn’t normally be able to attend have a chance at having a brighter future. They gain the knowledge and confidence from these camps to go out in the world and start a career for themselves.

For those interested in helping out in person at the camps, there’s many opportunities to help with any area of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Teachers on summer break may be interested in coming to Africa to help teach for three weeks at a time. Lodging and food will be covered, and the experience will be invaluable.

Often times those in need aren’t the only ones who benefit – so do the volunteers. Helping out by volunteering can be very rewarding and opens up a whole new world for those who participate. Not only do those they’re helping learn new skills, but they often teach the volunteers as well, whether it’s learning about their culture, trying to speak their language, or just how to give back to others. The enthusiasm from volunteers who love being there is contagious and makes the young women going to camp even more excited to be there learning.

If you are interested in joining our STEM camp team, helping develop Africa focused STEM curriculum for our STEM outreach fellows, or other volunteer opportunities please fill out an application form here, and someone will get in touch with you shortly.