2014 Scholarship recipient – Lilian Kamara

2014 Scholarship recipient – Lilian Kamara


lilian kamaraI am a twenty one year old female student from Uganda currently studying computer science at Makerere university .I was born on 24th may 1993. I intend to complete my degree and after that I intend to go for a graduate trainee program so as to learn practical skills in computer hardware, computer networking, system design and development. I hope to continue and study a master’s degree in computer science.


My decision to enter into a male dominated field was faced with many discouraging comments from many people, but I decided to take on the course as a challenge. My motive is to acquire computing and technology skills that I can use to contribute to my society.


I intend to contribute to the development of health systems in my society and Africa at large. I love leadership and intend to use the opportunity during the stem program to share my vision and goals with other girls. I love working with teams and being an inspiration to others.


I have two brothers and three sisters .Iam the second born and the eldest girl in my family. My family is headed by a single mother after my father passed on in 2009.My sisters look up to me, so this gives me motivation to work even harder so as to be a good example. Through the WAAW scholarship I will be able to pay my tuition in time without many challenges. I believe in the saying “Educate a girl and you would have educated a nation”. I long to see more girls in the technology field and that is why am ready to participate in the stem outreach program .Through this program I will encourage more girls to take up the computer science course. I also believe that through the outreach program I will be able to improve my communication skills and become an inspirational speaker. The program will empower me to carry out motivational talks and community activities to enhance science among girls in Africa.


I will forever be grateful to WAAW for having chosen me as one of the scholarship recipients this year. WAAW has given me a reason to press on harder and become a great computer scientist.


Tolulope Owajoba
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