2014 Scholarship recipient – Mih Njua Odette

2014 Scholarship recipient – Mih Njua Odette

Mih Njua Odette PictureI am a 23-year-old Cameroonian studying electrical engineering at the National Advanced School of Engineering (NASE) in Yaoundé Cameroon. I am the second child in a family of 8 children and I lost my dad in 2007. To this effect the upbringing of the 8 of us was left solely to our mother who is involved in a petit trade as her only source of income. Throughout my primary and secondary education I had always been one of the best in my class and even during my high buy modafinil provigil uk school education I had a tuition free study because I was the best female in my district. I have always been an inspiration to the youths of my community and a challenge to the females the very thing I feel fulfilled doing.  From childhood I had this strong passion to know more about electronic devices, to know how they function and what they are made of; always opening up devices in the house to see what they constitute.

When I lost my dad during my first year in high school I thought all my dreams of becoming an engineer had come to an end since by then my mum had no source of income. Due to the fact that I had a tuition free high school I was able to go through with my high school and was now faced with the challenge of what next. After high school I wrote the competitive exams into NASE where I made it and now I was faced with the challenge of going through my studies in NASE so I had to teach some students after school in their homes in order to make some money to support my mum. I am so grateful to WAAW Foundation for having chosen me as one of their scholars this will be a great relief to my mum for it has not always been easy for her to pay for my tuition, accommodation, feeding and stationeries. I am so looking forward with much excitement to work together with WAAW Foundation in order to give hope to other young girls out there whose dreams are at the point of being abolished as a result of lack of inspiration, motivation, knowledge, information and funds.

It has always been my desire to organize outreach programs and reach out to the females of my community and make them bring out the potentials in them and use it for the advancement of our community, our nation ,our continent Africa and the world at large.  Thanks to WAAW Foundation and its Sponsors this is now possible.

I say a big thanks to WAAW Foundation and its Sponsors.

Tolulope Owajoba
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