2013 WAAW Scholarship Recipient – Kondana Kamsesa

2013 WAAW Scholarship Recipient – Kondana Kamsesa

WAAW 2013 Scholarship RecipientI am a 22 year old female from Malawi. Currently I am in my second year at The Catholic University of Malawi. I am the eldest of four children, with a large extended family presence in the house. In many ways I have been like a second mother to the household. Through this, and watching other women struggle, I have always been inspired to strive for better, and I knew from an early age that education was the way forward and that it would be my saving grace.

Starting from secondary school I have always a good performer academically, with a good ability in mathematics, surprising others and at times even myself, time and again. This was great for me because I enjoyed mathematics. What drew me to this course was knowing that there is always an answer to every problem, and if you think hard enough, work hard enough and apply some creativity, you can always find it – a philosophy that I have applied to my life many times over. My dream is to eventually become an actuary. We do not have any Malawian actuaries in Malawi; they have to constantly be hired in at great expense. People will discourage me that it requires a lot of work in mathematics and statistics and you are a girl, why not choose something easier? I say no. That is not a valid reason for choosing not to do something.


I would like to greatly thank WAAW foundation for this opportunity and do not take it for granted. It is great to know that someone believes in you so much that they are willing to invest in your future. May God bless you for that. This scholarship will help pay for my tuition fees. I am the eldest of four children and live together with both my parents and my mother’s late sister’s three young children. The tuition fees are already a stretch for my family and this was exacerbated by devaluation in the currency that Malawi went through this year which led to an increase in tuition fees by 60%. The impact that it will have on my college career and life is great and I cannot wait to start a STEM cell outreach. Just as I have been helped, I would also like to serve as an inspiration and aid to some of the many other girls in my country who also need it. I am young, gifted, and hardworking and now have a WAAW Foundation scholarship. The world is truly my oyster.

Ebele Agu

Ebele is a certified Special Education Teacher in Texas and has recently finished a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Texas in Arlington. She has taught a diverse group of students in several Texas charter schools where she has mentored children from low socio-economic background. She has worked as a Management Consultant/Trainer; with training specialization in Leadership/Management and Interpersonal Skills, focusing on the Behavioral and Psychometric aspects of learning interventions. She is a PRINCE 2 Project Management Foundation expert and a Thomas International System Certified User. She is a volunteer Executive Director for WAAW Foundation.

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