I am a SS2 science student from Airforce Secondary School, Lagos, Nigeria and a participant of the WAAW Foundation 2013 STEM Camp themed; Robotics and Renewable Energy Camp for African Girls. I had a fascinating, interesting, educative and fun filled moment at the STEM Camp. The classes we had where mainly practical classes (we had to do it ourselves), which are entirely different from the theories we are used to in school. Theory only make students confused because it is not often demonstrated; it is better when science & technology teachers do the practical in the presence of the students and explain it based on the theory they teach in class. When we practice with our own hands it sticks to our brain. During the WAAW STEM camp, I saw how things work which enlightened me more because there is a saying that goes like this ‘’seeing is believing’’. We were taught how to make a generator, using locally made materials to power a bulb, pump water using solar energy, make a turbine, Automata, bake and design cakes, make scratch program (animation), program a robot to mention but few. These had helped us to make wise use of our available resources in Africa. We were also made to believe we could try and do anything by applying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to solve problems in our community.


It was such a great experience for me because after my group finished their project, I found it hard to believe we really made it, because, whenever I see such Science & Technology project on TV or around me, I used to having this mindset that a genius, a brainiac, or a very great scientist did it, but this camp has made me see myself as someone who could be anything I want to be and has made my dream of becoming a Petroleum Engineer more realistic. I would like to thank the WAAW Foundation members, my teachers, counsellors, sponsors and everybody that has contributed to the success of the camp because with this STEM camp African girls and Africa are going to go places in Science and Technology.  I am looking  forward to another exciting and educative camp in 2014.

Tolulope Owajoba
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