2013 Robotics And Renewable Energy STEM Camp

2013 Robotics And Renewable Energy STEM Camp

flagship_clip_image002 WAAW in partnership with W.TEC Nigeria will launch its one-week residential camp at the Laureates College in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria from July 28th to August 3rd, 2013. Camp applications will open in March. Campers will be selected through a screening process and individual interviews. Successful candidates will be notified the first week of May 2013.


For African girls between the ages of 13 and 17 years who are currently enrolled in Senior Secondary School (SS1) through SS3.

Program activities:
Students will buy modafinil online review build a robot to solve green energy challenges such as trash sorting.
Students will build renewable energy systems such as solar and Wind Mill systems.
Students will explore science, engineering and Math topics to support camp theme.
Students will participate in team building exercises.

There is time for fun!
The camp schedules a number of activities that may include swimming, pizza parties, baking classes, dance classes, career fair, wii playing and karaoke. Participants experience dorm life, cafeteria food and learn what it is like to be on a college campus.

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For more information, contact us at stemcamp@waawfoundation.org or Contact W.TEC at info@w-teconline.org or +234.818.870.9251

Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is the founder of WAAW Foundation. She is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering girls in African through STEM focused education.

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