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Women’s Education in Africa

 Image Source: rachaelspires

Some of us know someone who couldn’t complete her education for financial reasons. We all know one or more families or the other struggling in poverty. Female education in Africa is suffering due to reasons like poverty or the need not to educate women because of the belief she will be married off and so should not be educated.

African women need encouragement and inspiration to keep going strong despite what could be going on around them. We have either heard of or experienced gender inequality especially in Africa, sometimes we are passed over at work for a man when it comes to promotion. We are sometimes paid less than our male counterparts for the same position, even with better qualification. Though all these issues are reducing, there is a significant amount of women and girls who are still struggling with poverty issues and lack of opportunities to show their potentials.

All hope is not lost as this article MALAWI: Women’s Education The Path to The Presidency points out. Like everything in life, it takes hard work for great achievements. We hope that WAAW Foundation will give girls who are willing and able to do the hard work the opportunities and the information they need to succeed and soar higher than they ever imagined.

In the article above, the Vice President of Malawi Joyce Banda recalls how her childhood friend was always at the top of the class and how hard work paid off for her. This is not a fairytale, this is the reality of the african woman and we are the ones that can help them break off from the shackles of poverty.

Join WAAW Foundation and be an inspiration or create an opportunity for one girl at a time.

Ebele Agu is a volunteer CIO for WAAW Foundation, she is a teacher and a blogger with two adorable boys, read her musings at Life Experiences.