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STEM profession and education are both ever-changing due to technology. Three-dimensional (3D) modeling and printing is one of such technology.  This technology has a lot of advantage in modern day education but the take-up in schools and other academic institutions is often limited or non-existent due to the perceived cost of training staff to use it to its full potential […]

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It’s That Time of The Year: The Hour of Code!

                                                                                The Hour of Code is a global movement for increasing access to computer science by breaking stereotypes and opening door to brand new skill in just one hour. It is an avenue to introduce students and the public to coding and other computer science activities. The idea is that one hour is not too […]

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Festivity and Gender Stereotypes

As festivity sets in, and many travel to spend the yuletide with extended families or receive long distance cousins and family members for the holiday, old and young share family stories, cook meals, and entertain friends, instinctively preserving and passing on family philosophies. In order to keep the festivity going, girls cook meals, clean up […]

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