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What they are saying about She Hacks Africa Bootcamp #cohort3

“Thank you! Thank you! God Bless! to the organisers of SHE HACKS AFRICA! The Knowledge I have acquired in such a short period of time can’t be quantified, and to all wonderful people I have met…to the Greatest Achievers group. Together we will change the world”  – Funke

“SHE HACKS AFRICA simply the best! I mean what is there not to love. Thank you for an immeasurable experience” – Sophie Obomighie

“Words cant describe how appreciative I am attending this 4 weeks program at SHE Hacks…I wish future actions will speak better for me. Thanks to everyone. Big thanks to the organisers for accepting me.” – Joseph

“The bootcamp was athe at experience for me. I learnt a lot, both front end and back end programming, and a lot more. I am grateful to WAAW foundation and Its partners. – Ifiok Inuk

“Coming to SHA Boot camp didn’t just earn me a certificate but gave me knowledge on things to develop myself as a web developer, it also made me a more self confident person.” – Olatunji Oluwafemi

“It was not really easy being here but I am grateful to GOD and WAAW foundation for the greater opportunity to develop me more.” – Adekola Fadekemi

“This program has given me a clear  direction with my  future. Thank you very much for this initiative.” – Ugbana C.O. Stephen

“The bootcamp was loaded; I learnt a lot of things that will keep me going in the journey of my career; Oh l0nic was awesome too, I learnt new things everyday, it is a great place to be..It’s a life time opportunity. Thanks, WAAW foundation.” -Adejumo Oluwatosin

“I didn’t want to get my hopes up when I first came because of a post  experience. S(he) hacks blew my mind  from the first day I arrived and they raised the bar and still maintained it . I looked forward to everyday here, it was a thrill. It was not just about coding, it become some form of family. The trainer folks were genuinely interested in my progress Amazing experience , Awesome people.” -Nonso Mgbechi

“The bootcamp was a wonderful experienced for me where i learnt about critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, entrepreneurship and coding which will be a guide to me to actualize my dream as a web programmer.” -Ezenwaji Ndidi

“I am really excited to be a part of the bootcamp. I learnt a lot of awesome stuff which will help me achieve one of my goals,which  is imparting on people I will be able to organise training in my base with women.I am grateful to all the initiatives of WAAW and, their partners, and facilitators, you are all awesome.” – Saka Ololade Manifah

“The bootcamp was one platform fit for everyone. It was an exceptional experience, thank you.” – Mbaneme Benjamen

”My case is different, everything about how i started the SHE HACKS AFRICA program was unique. I honestly enjoyed the experienced. I knew noting about coding but She Hacks Africa Bootcamp has helped me develop my software development skills. Thank a million.” – Tochi Ifediora

“I am really grateful to WAAW foundation  for organising this program. This bootcamp was exceptional and i really enjoyed the training. The experienced and knowledge i gained has open my eyes so many opportunities and how to utilize them.” – Saka Sukurat Oyindamola

“GOD bless WAAW foundation on my behalf, I really enjoyed every bit of the program and i never regretted applying. The bootcamp was a wonderful one and it had really helped me on a lot of things i can’t write about. I love WAAW foundation.” – Adediran Adewunmi

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of this great initiatives. I came here expecting to acquire some basic skills but to my surprise i have gotten more than i expected. I feel fulfilled and love the fact of being called a full stack web developer, I am so grateful to the entire management of WAAW foundation. thank you.” – Otuokwu Lydia

“Coming for the program which is She Hacks Africa bootcamp as been an eye opener for me, it has enlightened me more in the area of information technology,have been able to improved my communication skills and have met wonderful people who are of same like minds to build projects that solves societal problems. Thanks to WAAW foundation. i will impact my society.” – Olufunke Onaola