It is generally known that technology can be a vice if handled wrongly. A lot of young minds waste time and resources on unproductive use of technology and innovation. Many teenagers are even victims of cyber bully on social media and other online platforms.One will wonder if it is the same technology being used to solve problems and improve the opportunities available in the twenty first century that is being used by some children and, especially, teenagers to create great havoc and waste huge resources. The young minds are plain platforms, flexible enough to receive as much and ready to take in anything new. It is therefore important that they have busy times and productive events around them to make favorable use of technology.

The summer period, especially, gets the Nigerian child idle and that usually is the target time for most parents to get their children enrolled in a productive venture. In time past, learning some level of unskilled labor was the common thing for parents to put their teenagers on, when they are not in school but now that the world has evolved, everyone wants some level of new age knowledge that can help achieve mental development especially in the world of evolving technology. With technology, better future can be built.

Many parents want their teenagers engaged in technology innovation but find it hard to get the right opportunity to do so.         

The WAAW foundation team believes that the influence on young minds is high and the need to link teenagers with resources outside their natural reach is crucial to productive and healthy life development. For this reason, WAAW foundation designed a creative and easy-to-learn curriculum for summer code/STEM school.

At WAAW code school, each child is open to the training that molds the mind, and help build a platform for designing i want to buy provigil solution to challenges rather than using technology as a vice.We believe that each child deserves to have the attention he requires from an instructor on the use of technology in solving problems. For example, WAAW is concerned about the energy short fall in the West African region and has seen the need to build the minds that can creatively solve the challenges in the energy sector to drive development of the Sub Region.These young minds have no bounds to thinking and reasoning, they may as well have a mind blowing yet simple solution to the energy challenge hence, WAAW is developing the teenagers early  for such innovation to happen.The teenagers used local materials around them to build wind mills and power LED bulbs.

WAAW summer code school has been able to bring children from different backgrounds and age range (between 6 and 17) together and provide them access real world technology curriculum delivered by experienced facilitators. The uniqueness of WAAW code school is in its teaching methodology and learning resources. Participants at WAAW summer code school are learning with unique methodology that is suitable for critical and creative thinking.

The aim is not to teach theory but to build children into problem solvers and adults with skills for technology innovation to benefit Africa.Students are trained to create useful resources from locally available materials and use non recyclable resources around them in achieving technology solutions to the challenges in their communities.

In line with our vision, it is strongly believed that in the next ten years, when the world is evolving and the third world is developed, WAAW foundation will be proud of the efforts put into teenage and youth development in the areas of STEM ans technology, particularly through the summer code school for teenagers.