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2016 WAAW Scholars

Congratulations to our 2016 WAAW Scholars. Three recipients were selected from 3 African countries. Read their inspiring stories below.

Carryl Masibo (Kenya)

Carryl Nekesa Masibo (2)

My name is Carryl Masibo, a Kenyan who is 19 years old. I go to school at the Africa Leadership University, a school based in Mauritius that aims to revolutionize education with its new and different learning model. I am pursuing a bachelors in science (computer science) and currently on my foundational core year.

My passion for STEM subjects grew during my high school years where I took all the three sciences; Biology, Chemistry, Physics as well as Maths and performed extremely well. I have ever since had female mentors who have helped me unleash my potential in these. Despite being a law student first, I had to differ and start a fresh to follow what I really love.

Getting my scholarship will enable me to be able to buy basic education needs such as books, pens and other stationery for survival. I believe I will also be able to buy a few basic needs that will make my survival in school better.

Liticia Sukpen (Ghana)


Liticia Sukpen is my name, a girl of 22 years, born to Mr. and Mrs. Sukpen from Saboba – one of the 26 Districts in the Northern Region of Ghana. I had my Primary and Junior High School education in Saboba town.

It was a brother that recommended WAAW to me during one of our conversations after he had met me on compus several occasions and realize that I was suffering financially, he ask me if I had ever apply for any of the scholarship’s, I answered yes but I have not gotten any and I have given up on scholarships. he ask if I have tried WAAW I said no and he requested if he could give me the web address to try WAAW to, but because I gave up on scholarship I said no but he insisted that WAAW is unique.

My interest has always been to do things on my own through experiments and my Mum tells me that as little as seven years, I always asked inquisitive questions like who created the forest, whenever she was carrying me to farm. This interest led me to pursue General Science at Salaga Senior High School. Currently, I am a third year student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, studying Renewable Natural Resource Management.

My ultimate goal is to become an expert in Natural Resource Management. Africa is one of the endowed continents in the world yet the least developed. For me, Africa needs to tap and make use of their resources efficiently in order to uplift the poverty of the teaming masses in the continent. I hope to contribute my quota through effective research in Renewable and Natures Resource Management

The journey to my dreamland of becoming an expert in renewable and natural resources has not been rosy. The demise of my father in 2006 almost shattered my dreams. Payment of my fees and upkeep in school became a herculean task for the family. I thank God for the life of my mum and uncles who shouldered this burden by sacrificing their meager endings from their farms to see me through in school. At times the amount I receive from them is only a part of the fees. What to eat and where to sleep are questions that I always pray and ponder on. My course mates and some of the lecturers in my Department have been of immense support in accommodating me and giving me hand-outs.

I thank God for all my benefactors and the WAAW organization and solemnly pledge to make use of any funds given me judiciously. The funds will relief me of unnecessary worries and give me the concentration I need in order to achieve my dream.

I want to end with the words of Johannes Gaertner:

                To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.

I am grateful.

Namayanja Elizabeth (Uganda)


My name is Namayanja Elizabeth and I am a Software Engineering Student at Makerere University. I want to personally express my appreciation for the scholarship your generosity provides. I am honored to receive this scholarship and am truly grateful for the opportunities it will provide me.

As an under graduate student with an average background in a small, town in central Uganda, I always dreamt of pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering to become a fully-fledged programmer but because of monetary limitations, parents could hardly finance all my siblings for higher levels of education. Financial struggles have prevailed way back in high school but with high demands of university tuition and timely payments. I was never sure that completing University education would be possible.

Without a doubt, this scholarship will play a key role in achieving my educational dreams. Courtesy of your generosity, the financial burden placed on me to pursue my education will be reduced. That means I can spend more time on my studies, research and extracurricular activities and less time worrying about my finances.

I am looking forward to finance my educational infrastructure especially a computer which is a crucial aspect of my course. Thank you for your investment in my education and the futures of students like me. I encourage you to continue supporting the African girl child education, it does make a difference.

Patience Ndlov  (Zimbabwe)

Patience photo

I am age 21 and currently studying a degree in BSC  honours in Land and Water Resources Management at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. It is my pleasure to be among the few selected females awarded the WAAW Scholarship. I will use the opportunity to the best of my ability to attain my education. I will use the scholarship money for my work related learning project in experimental designs for my thesis, and for part of my tuition fee .I’m just excited to be a beneficiary of WAAW foundation scholarships!!!!